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The Dills’ Delightful Visit

Posted on October 5, 2011 by under Food and Drink.    

2011-10-03 19.03.04.jpg

The Dills were in town over the weekend. They came over on Monday night for dinner and drinks. Brian made this “Dilly Delight” dip in their honor. We thought it was fitting. Anyway, we sent some home with them.

2011-10-03 18.02.53.jpg

We got dinner started late so we munched on some cheese, crackers and dip while we waited. Brian made chicken and rice pilaf. It was yummy. I ate way too much.

I mixed some pineapple juice and 90 proof coconut rum in a pitcher. Jay, Becca and I drank pretty much all of it. Jay drank some beer too. I think eating way too much at dinner and the pineapple concoction almost made me pass out. I propped my feet up on the hassock when we were hanging outside on the patio, though. The weather was perfect. They were drinking and smoking cigars. I was mostly just trying to keep from falling into a food coma. LOL.

Thanks for the visit, Jay and Becca! We really enjoyed catching up! Can’t wait until you guys are back for good. We miss you!

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