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Chance Encounter with the Dills at the Movies

Posted on November 4, 2018 by under Things to Do.    

Since Brian went to see A Star is Born with us, I agreed to go see Venom with him the following weekend. The only caveat is that I didn’t want to give up Zumba that night so we ended up going straight from the gym to watch our movie.


I looked a little funny going to the movies in my Zumba sweats but but you gotta do what you gotta do. I should have known we were going to run into people. When I look the list presentable is when it always happens. It never fails.


Regardless, it was great to run into the Dills and their family. Mama Dill and Becca’s parents were with them. They went to see Night School around the same time we were there for Venom.

Brian mentioned that he ran into Mama Dill at concessions but we didn’t think anything of it. We just figured she was out with some friends or on a date or something. We didn’t realize Jay and Becca were there until our movie ended. The boys ran into each other in the men’s restroom. Brian was walking in as Jay was leaving. Our movies just happened to end around the same time.

It was serendipity! It’s always great to see the Dills. We used to spend a lot of time hanging out with them, going to various poker tournaments and stuff back in the day. These days we are all so busy we rarely get to see one another.

These Travel Junkies who are in Mexico right now were recently honored in the Wichita Eagle’s 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards as the best travel agency in Wichita. It’s been a pretty big year for these two. All of their hard work from years of growing their business is finally paying off. We are truly honored to have them as friends. Congrats, Jay and Becca!

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