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Cheers & Boston Gliders Segway Tour

Posted on July 10, 2011 by under Travel.    

2011-07-03 11.11.16.jpg

After our delicious breakfast at The Paramount, we had a little bit of time before our Segway tour so we walked around Beacon Hill a bit. That’s how we ended up at Cheers aka Bull & Finch.

2011-07-03 11.45.27.jpg

2011-07-03 11.44.14.jpg

2011-07-03 11.32.14.jpg

They have the regular bar downstairs and the “set” bar upstairs.



Cheers is okay. I wouldn’t consider it a “must see” in Boston. It didn’t even make our trip itinerary. Honestly, we just kind of happened by the place on accident. It worked out great because we were able to take some photos. And, Brian and Jay can now say they both used the bathroom at Cheers. LOL.


Next up is the Segway tour, which was a lot of fun and definitely a trip highlight!



You all definitely have to do this before the city decides that Segways will no longer be allowed on the sidewalks. It was super fun gliding around the harbor!




Our guide, Captain Nick, was good and was really nice, but he was a terrible photographer. Out of all of the photos he took, these were the only good ones! =P It’s a shame that they don’t let you take your own photos. I understand that it can be a safety concern, though.

Jeff took some photos with his iPhone anyway and was busted a few times. He got some really good photos and videos. I’m going to see if I can find them on Facebook and share them with you guys.

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