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Thanks for Invading My Shower Space

Posted on August 3, 2012 by under Confessions, Relationship.    

A couple of minutes into my shower this evening, Brian comes up, taps on the door, and asks, “Can I rinse off?”

“Umm… Sure,” I say.

“Can I brush my teeth?” he asks as he steps into the shower.

“Uh, okay.” I think I gave him a look because he goes, “What?”

“If you wanted to shower with me you should have just asked. Thanks for invading my personal shower space.”

“Well, if you wanted to shower by yourself you should have said so.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at this preposterous statement, but he’s right. I’d almost forgotten how weird we are, and was reminded just then. We always shower together. And when I say always, I mean it. I don’t think Brian has showered by himself for over a year. (Brian just corrected me and said it has been several years.)

So showering together is the norm for us. Whereas the norm would be showering separately and asking to shower together on occasion for other couples. If he’s in the shower, I’m going to be in there showering with him pretty much 100% of the time. If I’m in the shower, he’s probably going to shower with me about 95% of the time. So he’s right. It’s pretty much assumed that we’re showering together unless I specify otherwise beforehand.

Anyway, I figured that I would have the shower by myself today because I wanted to shave my legs. It’s been a month since I’d done it. Don’t even start. I know it’s weird, but I really hate shaving (that’s why I had laser hair removal done on my underarms and get waxed everywhere else). I don’t even shave my legs in the winter unless I absolutely have to. Thankfully, it doesn’t bother Brian. He said that you can’t really tell. I think it starts to bother me before he even notices, but it usually doesn’t start to bug me for at least a couple of weeks. But I digress… I’ll remember to tell him ahead of time if I want the shower to myself next time.

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