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Shower Conversation #468

Posted on October 24, 2010 by under Life, Wishlist.    

So Brian and I made the mistake of running the dishwasher before our shower yesterday. I was thinking that waiting to shower an hour and a half after starting the dishwasher would be sufficient time, but we still ran out of hot water. Then again, we were probably in there for more than 30 minutes.

BRIAN: When we buy a house, it’ll need to have a tankless water system that way we won’t run out of hot water when we’re showering.

CHING: I agree. A tankless system would be far more energy efficient, specially for people like you who only shower once a week. With a regular hot water tank, you’re wasting energy keeping the hot water hot even when you’re not using it.

BRIAN: Hey! I’ve been showering a lot more lately. Besides, I don’t have to shower everyday because I don’t ever get dirty or sweaty.

CHING: Of course you don’t. You’re a slug and you don’t do any physical activity!

Since it will be at least three years before we’re ready to buy a house and we’re not likely to enjoy the benefits of a tankless water system anytime soon, I guess we’re going to have to start taking shorter showers. Either that or allow several hours between showers and dishwasher cycles. =P

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