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Tracy and Jeff’s Wedding Shower

Posted on February 5, 2012 by under Events.    

I posted pictures of cousin Tracy and Jeff’s cakes on the FOODIES blog yesterday. Today I’m posting some of my favorite pictures from the wedding shower…

2012-02-04 13.52.03.jpg 2012-02-04 14.27.49.jpg

This is a picture of Brian with Chuck, cousin Tracy’s older brother.

2012-02-04 14.07.16.jpg

Brian and his dad.

2012-02-04 16.56.06.jpg

Brian with Jeff and Daniel. Daniel is attending the wedding in Jamaica also.


This is the obligatory group photo.

SAM_1575.JPG SAM_1572.JPG

The photo on the left is of cousin Tracy and two of her girl friends. The photo on the right is of Brian and his dad being totally nerdy and asking Steve (the DJ) about his Bose speaker system.


David and Donna.


Jeff and cousin Tracy opening their shower presents.


Cousin Tracy holding up the Christmas quilt that Brian and I got for her and Jeff. Hey, it was on her wedding registry. 😉


Donna and cousin Chuck.

SAM_1551.JPG SAM_1577.JPG

Cousin Tracy and me.


My favorite photo of me and Brian from the event.


Cousin Tracy’s girl friends did a great job of putting together a wonderful wedding shower. We had a great time.

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