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Guess What

Posted on August 22, 2011 by under Shopping.    

My belts fit me again! Woot!

2011-08-22 07.33.59.jpg

Speaking of… Brian was wondering why I didn’t buy any clothes at Kohl’s on Saturday. Well, for one, we spent way too much already. We did pretty good, though. $100 usually only gets Brian a pair of pants and a shirt at Express, if that. At Kohl’s your money goes a long way. Brian got two long-sleeved dress shirts, one short-sleeved button down shirt, and a nice pair of dress pants.

I told him that I didn’t need to buy clothes because we were going to my mom and dad’s the next day. I was dropping off some of my larger clothes in exchange for smaller ones. I was hoping that she still had some of my old clothes that I had taken over there when I got too big to fit in them. I never really bought trendy stuff, so most of my old clothes are still wearable. Anyway, as luck would have it, she had some of my old stuff and her own stuff that she no longer wanted. I left with five pairs of dress pants. Score!

In the meantime, I can keep wearing jeans to work until September 2 since we’re doing some fundraising at work. When my time’s up, I’ve got some dress pants that fit. Then come November, Brian and I can do our real shopping. FTW!

I’m so glad that mom kept a lot of clothes that I’d taken over there over the years. She saved me a ton. Thanks, mom!

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