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My Racquetball Mates

Posted on December 27, 2009 by under Games, Health.    

Ronnie, April, Jay and Brian
My racquetball mates.

We had fun at racquetball today. We’ve got Jay and Ronnie (and maybe April, too?) completely hooked on racquetball. We’ve created racquetball monsters.

Exhibit A
Ronnie and his new racket.

Ronnie showed up to racquetball today with a new racket, which he is yet to name. It’s not any old generic racket either. It’s an Ektelon Hybrid Hornet, which has a power level of 2400. It’s scary how much speed and power his hits carry now. You definitely do not want to get hit by that ball.

Exhibit B
Did I mention that we normally reserve multiple racquetball courts? This morning we had five court reservations going and we actually played racquetball for three hours (from 9 AM to noon). Sad to say, we are court hogs.

Exhibit C
We now have to wear eye protection when we play. Brian and I didn’t have to before. Playing with Ronnie and Jay completely changes things. We can no longer go on taking eye protection for granted. Brian knows this first hand, unfortunately.

Brian is a bit of a ball/accident magnet. Every time we play racquetball he gets hit at least a few times. Today both Ronnie and I got him good (at almost the exact same spot, too). The time before that he got hit half a dozen times at different parts of his body. And the time before that, Jay got him in the eye. Well, you all know that story.

P.S. Jay wanted me to blog about how he is so much better at racquetball now than when he first started playing racquetball with us. That was his request after beating me at racquetball twice today. LOL.

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