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Water for Elephants

Posted on May 8, 2011 by under Date Ideas, Movies.    

Brian and Jay were great sports and went to see Water for Elephants with the girls.

2011-05-04 18.26.26.jpg

2011-05-04 18.27.21.jpg

After the movie, we all went to the Vagabond. Brian and I had only been there once, after our massages at Bohemia. None of the others had ever been there. It’s actually a cozy little coffee bar. The prices are good too. Better than Starbucks.

2011-05-04 22.09.17.jpg

2011-05-04 21.34.31.jpg

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2011-05-04 21.08.13.jpg

2011-05-04 22.00.13.jpg

2011-05-04 21.17.37.jpg

I wish Cory could have joined us. I don’t think he wanted to see Water for Elephants, though. LOL. BTW, Jay was really funny. After sitting there for ten minutes, he totally went back to his car and grabbed his laptop so he could “fit in” with the other coffee bar patrons. I don’t think it worked, though. We still managed to stand out. =P

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