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Cinco de Mayo

Posted on May 8, 2011 by under Health.    

2011-05-05 18.25.54.jpg

2011-05-05 18.29.50.jpg

Amie looked really cute on Cinco de Mayo.

2011-05-05 19.37.57.jpg

Our post Zumba pic. The weather was absolutely perfect.

2011-05-05 19.48.16.jpg

Brian and Stephanie outside Felipe’s West Central.

2011-05-05 19.56.59.jpg

Stephanie and Gina Ann at the restaurant. Stephanie looks great again. Like she didn’t even workout. I don’t know how she does it. She gets sweaty and gross from Zumba and then, two seconds later, she’s all done up again. It’s completely magical.

2011-05-05 20.11.55.jpg

Misty and Brian.

2011-05-05 20.22.43.jpg

Stephanie, Amie and Gina Ann.

2011-05-05 20.45.01.jpg

Rick and Amie. What a great-looking couple!


Other than the food taking forever and the restaurant running out of rice, we had a great time. Nothing like a post-Zumba pig-out session!


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