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Sabado de Gloria

Posted on April 24, 2011 by under Family.    

2011-04-23 14.22.18.jpg 2011-04-23 14.23.22.jpg

Brian and I had great massages at Bohemia Healing Spa. (Thanks for the suggestion, Darcy!) We both had 90-minute massages at a really good price. Their rates are lower than Serenity (Brian’s favorite place for massages). The only downside for me is that they don’t have any couples massage rooms so we have to be in separate rooms. I really like it when we can get massages together so Brian can tuck me in. It’s kind of a pain to cover myself up when the massage therapist wants to start with me facing down. When we’re in the same room, I can always ask Brian to cover me up after I hop on the massage table. I bet Brian probably prefers getting massaged in a separate room from me. I’m prone to falling asleep in the middle of massages and I, inevitably, start snoring. =P I don’t hear it because I’m asleep, but I’m sure it takes away from the whole relaxation experience for him.

Brian never falls asleep during massages, but the massage therapist managed to put him to sleep this time. I guess it was so relaxing that she actually achieved it twice. Although, as good as she was, he said that he still prefers Crystal at Fresh Spa Market because she rubbed his pecs and wasn’t at all bashful. I guess Maria was pretty timid. He also liked Janell at Individually Yours (she’s at Brown Chiropractic now). As far as spas go, though, he likes Serenity.

My massage therapist was pretty good. Though, after the massage I got from Michael at Sveta’s earlier this year, all other massages don’t seem to measure up. Sveta’s prices are a bit higher than most places, but I think I’ll just have to bite the bullet because Michael is totally worth it. I just need to quit being cheap.


After our massage, Brian and I met mom, Jenni and the Cannadys at Applebee’s for Jenni’s pre-confirmation dinner.





Mom noted that my hair was really shiny yesterday. It’s because Brian and I barely had time to change into church clothes after our massage so we didn’t have time to shower. My hair was shiny from the massage oil. I was actually feeling pretty greasy all over the entire evening. LOL.


Mom, Eli and Logan rode with us back to mom and dad’s house after dinner. Jenni went back home to change into shorts for her baptism.


Eli is the most handsome little boy ever!


Logan is handsome too, but Eli is really cute!


Brian with Jen and Matt.


Mom and Que.


I don’t know what it is about my mom, but I always look so fat next to her.


Group picture!


It was impossible to get good pictures at the church because there were way too many people. I did manage to get this one, though.


Jenni with her godmother.


Anyway, Jenni lied. Mass was more like three hours, not two. I was hoping that by the time our candles ran out that mass would be over. No such luck. Oh, and unfortunately for Brian, he forgot his headphones at home. Not that he could have played TapTap through mass, though. That would have been way too obvious. We stood out enough as it was. This old man actually told Brian that he felt sorry for him for having to sit through mass, specially the last two hours. He said, “It must have been difficult for you.” I guess Brian must have been fidgeting a lot. At least he didn’t burst into flames. That’s really what I was most worried about. LOL. The things you do for family.

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