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Photo Highlights from the Last Couple of Days

Posted on August 10, 2010 by under Family, Life.    


We’ve really enjoyed having Logan around. He and Brian went swimming on Sunday night and also yesterday. We watched a couple of movies on Sunday: Kick Ass (which was good despite the fact that Nicolas Cage played Big Daddy; Hit Girl was awesome) and Avatar. Logan said he hadn’t seen Avatar before.


When I woke up on Monday morning, I found Logan already up and browsing Netflix. He is such a smart kiddo! The funny thing is that Brian originally set it up so Logan had his head on the opposite end.


Logan said he had to flip over the other way so he wasn’t staring at the creepy calendar on the wall. He was referring to the True Blood calendar that I had gotten from a friend of mine at work who had gotten it from a friend of his at Cox Communications. That was one thing that I miss from Brian’s brief stint at Cox — all the movie and TV related goodies — besides the almost nonexistent cable bill.


Brian took the day off work so he could spend the day with Logan and me. They ended up playing video games downstairs while I showered and got dressed. It doesn’t take me that long to get ready, though, so I don’t know what Brian was thinking. Finally had to ask them to stop so they could both brush their teeth and get ready. =P



Our plan was to take Logan to Tanganyika, have lunch, and then head to the hospital to visit his mom and dad and new baby brother Quentin. Of course, that was when the c-section was going to happen at 7 AM. The delivery had to get pushed back to noon or so. Not sure what happened. It would have been cool to be able to tell everyone you were born at 7 AM on 8/9/10. LOL.


Tanganyika was a lot of fun as always. We arrived there (thanks to the GPS on Logan’s phone) at 9 AM and it was still really nice out. By 10 AM the temperature had risen considerably, though.


The ring-tailed lemur encounter was Logan’s favorite. That’s where we spent most of our tokens. =) Logan got to feed other animals, though, like the tortoises, lorikeets, and giraffe.





We got to feed koi, too. I wish I could have gotten photos of Logan on a camel, but he refused to ride it. He wouldn’t ride the horses either.


We got Logan a lemur stuffed animal (he picked it out) as a souvenir of our Tanganyika visit. He named it Shadow. 🙂


After Tanganyika, we stopped by Brian’s work so he could check in with his boss. Although, I think it was mostly so he could show Logan off. I never understood it when people at work brought their kids to the office and would show the kids off to everyone. Yet here we were, doing the exact same thing.

The receptionist at Brian’s work actually thought Logan was our kid. =P

I probably would have shown him off at my work too, had it not been lunch time. I figured no one would be around to see him. I guess he could have seen my office, but offices are not really that interesting to ten year olds. At least I would find it boring if I were in Logan’s shoes.


Logan sitting in Brian’s chair.


Brian’s desk has pictures of me/us everywhere.


The baby’s delivery was pushed back so the Cannadys weren’t ready for visitors as previously anticipated. Brian, Logan and I just went to Burger King (that’s where Logan wanted to have lunch) and then headed home to hang out while awaiting further instructions. Logan didn’t mind this too much because it meant he could play video games. He and Brian proceeded to play Army of Two and ignored me for the rest of the afternoon. I asked them to stop playing at 3 PM so that we could head to the hospital for a visit. They were both glued to the TV and PS3 pretty much the entire time, though. Almost made me feel left out. =P

Welcome to my world!

It was around almost 4 PM by the time we heard from Matt and Jen, which worked out because it afforded Brian a half hour nap.

Here’s a picture of David Cannady (also known as Popo) with the boys: Logan, Eli and baby Quentin. I’m glad we came to visit when we did because then we got to see Eli also. He is such a sweet kid.


Here’s Karen Cannady (also known as Momo) with the boys.


Here’s a close up of baby Quentin.


Here’s a photo of Matt, Logan and baby Quentin.


You can see more pictures taken during our visit to the hospital here. We have the most handsome, most adorable, cutest nephews in the world! We just love our unique, extended, blended, one-of-a-kind family. Congratulations to the Cannadys!

We didn’t stick around too long because Logan and Brian wanted to get some swimming in before the day was over and we still had to fix dinner. I’m glad we stuck around the house, though, because Jenni, mom and dad stopped by for a visit. Had we taken off for the pool just a few minutes sooner, they would have missed us.


They didn’t stay too late. Just stopped by to say hi after visiting the Cannadys at the hospital. They only stayed long enough to fawn over their first grandchild.



Brian, Logan and I headed to the pool immediately after they left.


And then we came back home and watched Gurren Lagann on Netflix. We couldn’t stay up too late, though, because Brian had to go to work today. It was one heck of a day for us and a huge day for the Cannadys.

Logan is spending the night at mom and dad’s tonight and we already miss him. 🙁

Although, I don’t miss having to wear PJs to bed and not being able to walk around the house naked. It got really hot in bed last night. We had to bump the thermostat down to 70 degrees. We absolutely loved having Logan over and are looking forward to his next visit (just let us know when, Matt and Jen; we’ll gladly watch over him anytime), but it’s also nice for things to be back to normal.

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