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Brian and Jay’s Play Date

Posted on February 26, 2011 by under Life.    

As you know, the Dills were over last Sunday. Becca brought Jay over for a “play date” with Brian. We had a busy weekend and we stayed up way too late on Sunday night (as we are prone to doing whenever the Dills come over).

2011-02-20 20.11.53.jpg

We felt so sophisticated and grown up with our pasta and wine. However, the maturity and sophistication came to a screeching halt as soon as the video games started.

2011-02-20 20.57.02.jpg

Although, the guys were drinking wine while playing video games. Jay and Brian are probably the most sophisticated gaming nerds I’ve ever met. They’ve traded the obligatory Mountain Dew and day old pizza for a shiraz-cab blend and spaghetti (but really it should have been angel hair with meat sauce).

When Brian and Jay finished GOW3, we played GH5. You know, the game that we almost bought twice. LOL. We’d only played it once before (thus, I completely forgot that we already had it) and didn’t really have a lot of songs unlocked. The four of us played and unlocked a few. We eventually had to call it a night, though, because most of us had to work the next day.

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