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Exploding Kittens

Posted on August 9, 2015 by under Games.    


I don’t always back projects on Kickstarter. So far I’ve only backed a handful. When I do though, they are super cool. My Exploding Kittens games (one regular deck and one NSFW deck) arrived last week with this little note:


These guys are so clever!

Play the video above to learn more about the game.

This video is a sample round. Brian and I have played the game a few times. It’s really fun and hilarious. Although, I think I am far more amused than Brian. Probably because I’ve won the last few times we played.

Exploding kittens is great. The only downside to it for me is that it’s only 5 players max. I’m actually thinking of buying a few extra card decks as soon as they become available so that more players can play. As you know, we often end up with a dozen or so people wanting to play a game.

Cards Against Humanity works out great because an unlimited number of people can play. You’re only limited by the size of your dining table. Although, I must say that it gets really confusing once you get upwards of a dozen people so it’s best to start a separate game. I know this from experience. Trust me. At one time, we had three games Cards Against Humanity games going simultaneously.

BTW, all of the backers got a special surprise. This guy’s reaction is pretty much consistent with ours when we unboxed our deck last week.

Who wants to come over and play with us?

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