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New Brighton Bracelet

Posted on October 24, 2010 by under Wishlist.    

Even though I told Brian specifically not to get me anything (because we were already spending so much for the Ponderosa Party), he still got me a gift. He normally follows instructions pretty well, but he’s been a bit of a pain lately. 😉

You guys have all seen my “Ching” bracelet… Well, I’d gotten the letters b, r, i, a, and n some time ago. I normally use the beads/charms on my braided leather necklace because I moved c, h, i, n, and g to the bracelet. Most of the time, though, I just wear my necklace plain with a single “soho” bead so the other beads/charms were just stored in my jewelry cabinet.

2010-10-24 15.27.41.jpg

For my birthday, Brian got me a second bracelet and a few more beads so that I can create a companion to my “Ching” bracelet. Now I have a “Brian” bracelet also so that I can wear both of our names on my wrist. Besides getting a second starter bracelet, Brian got me another “soho” bead, a couple of braided leather beads, a couple of stopper beads, and a cute little laptop charm.

2010-10-24 15.27.01.jpg

I laid out the new “Brian” bracelet the same way that I did the “Ching” bracelet so that they kind of match. This way it doesn’t look weird to wear both bracelets together. On the “Ching” bracelet, I have my little camera dangle charm which corresponds to the laptop charm on the “Brian” one. I’m a nerd so both charms are pretty significant.

2010-10-15 16.21.52.jpg

Anyway, they were doing some kind of special at Wild at Heart when Brian went to purchase my gift because they gave him a colorful Brighton thermos/tumbler thing for free. That pretty much tipped me off about what Brian got me for my birthday. LOL.

Even though I already kinda sorta knew what I was going to get, he still insisted on not letting me open my present until the Ponderosa Party. Since I said I didn’t want any presents, he wanted to make sure I had something to unwrap. He’s sweet that way.

I was a little upset that he didn’t follow my instructions, but it was only for a brief moment. As soon as I saw the present and the Brighton thermos (about a week ago), I was excited to see my new Brighton goodies. The little package, which we just left on the sofa table until the party, taunted me for several days. At least he didn’t make me wait until the 30th!

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