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Ching is Anal

Posted on July 24, 2010 by under Family, Things to Do.    

For those of you who didn’t realize the extent of my “anal-ness” (I know that isn’t a word, so don’t bother correcting me), now you know. For those of you who’ve known me all my life, well, you’re probably not going to be surprised.

So Brian and I had been planning on taking his parents to the Kansas Cosmosphere since our trip to the Kansas Underground Salt Museum last month. I’d never been to the Cosmosphere and it has been years for everyone else, so it seemed like a fun thing to do. We told them that they just needed to clear one Saturday for us and we would pick them up, do the driving, and all that jazz. Just like we did the last time.

Since I’m a little neurotic, I emailed the following itinerary to Brian yesterday.

1000 Pick up parents
1100 Lunch at Carriage Crossing
1200 Arrive at Cosmosphere
1300 Night Sky Live (Justice Planetarium)*
1400 IMAX Hubble*
1600 Dr. Goddard’s Lab*
1700 Head home

* I have reserved tickets for the four of us for Night Sky Live, IMAX Hubble and Dr. Goddard’s Lab. Dr. Goddard’s Lab is totally optional and we can cut this out if we decide that we’re tired or your parents don’t feel up to it and want to go home early.

There are two shows in the IMAX — Hubble and Legends of Flight. Our all-day pass only includes one IMAX movie. The person I spoke with said that the Hubble one was cooler so I picked that one. If you guys decide that you want to see the Legends of Flight, we can do it for $6 extra each person. There is a 3:00 pm show that we can watch right after the Hubble one.

I figured that we can check out the Hall of Space Museum either before our first show or right after our IMAX show (if we decide to skip Legends of Flight).

When we head back, we can either take your parents home or they can go with us to my parents for dinner. What do you think?

There’s something very, very wrong with me. I don’t know how Brian puts up with it. Maybe because he is a tad on the anal side also?

P.S. Here’s a better picture of Penelope to make up for the dark, crappy one that I posted the other day. Pictures really do not do her justice. She grows more beautiful by the day.


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  • Replies to "Ching is Anal"


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    Jo  on July 25, 2010

    OMG, Ching, some things are better left “unsaid” or sometimes they call it “bite your tongue”. Maybe now, it is safe to say ” you stress me out sometimes, when we are supposed to be doing fun stuff, together” I am so glad that now you have Brian… LOL…I am sure Brian knows that by now, remember when we were travelling together, and you made this comment to me and your Dad?

    Ching to Mom and Dad “Guys ever since we got here (referring to Plantation Bay Resort) we don’t get to see you!!!

    Mom and Dad (looking at each other) bite tongue

    Brian to Ching “Maybe that is how they want it!”

    —-Silence —-


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    Ching  on July 25, 2010

    LOL. I’m really bad about planning stuff. I know. It’s a weakness. I remember when Brian and I spent 7 days in Jamaica, I had activities planned for every single day and Brian finally just put his foot down and asked for a day off. I think that was the highlight of the trip for him. Spending an entire day (not zipping through the jungle, not horseback riding, not snorkeling, not sailing, not shopping) just laying buck nekked on Tower Island. =P

    He still owes me a return trip because we didn’t get to do EVERYTHING that I wanted to do. Same thing with our SFO trip. There were things on my list that I didn’t get to do. On the bright side, we are young and still have a lot of traveling years ahead of us. But sometimes, I just can’t help myself. I want to do as much as I can because I’m afraid there might not be a next time. =(

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