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Kansas Cosmosphere

Posted on July 25, 2010 by under Family, Things to Do, Travel.    


Brian and I took his parents to the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center yesterday. I’d never been there and it’s been years for Brian. Also, I decided that I want to see all 8 wonders of Kansas this year. So it was perfect!

See the pictures we took at the Cosmosphere here.

I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures because I left my real camera at home. Mostly I just took pictures with my camera phone. And, yes, I’m back to the Touch Pro 2 because the HD2 was crapping out on me. I really miss the 5MP of the HD2, though. The Touch Pro 2’s 3.2MP camera just doesn’t take pictures as well.

Overall we got to do all of the things we planned with the exception of Dr. Goddard’s Lab. I think we wore David and Donna out. LOL.

The IMAX Hubble film was the highlight of the day for me. It was fantastic! The film is a must-see! And, I can’t wait until we get an IMAX theater in Wichita. I’m already imagining watching IMAX 3D films in it.

P.S. We are well on our way to completing our “8 Wonders Tour” this year. Two down [Kansas Underground Salt Museum and Kansas Cosmosphere] and only six more to go! What should we do next?

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