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Reorganized the Closet Yet Again

Posted on October 21, 2012 by under Home Ownership.    

I can cross off another item from my wish list. Brian got me a hanger hook the other day. I ended up missing my workout on Wednesday night because we decided to stay home and reorganize my closet. (If you’ve ever had to organize my closet before, you know it can take a while.) We have a pretty big closet in the master bedroom, but it wasn’t quite big enough to hold Brian’s clothes (which are in the closet of the guest bedroom that we’re using as an office that we are never in because we both have laptops and are usually on the computer in our bedroom or other parts of the house) or his winter jackets/coats (which are in the closet of one of the guest bedrooms downstairs) or my winter coats/jackets and extensive boot collection (which are in the closet of the other guest bedroom upstairs).

Our current closet is the size of an average bathroom. However, that’s apparently not large enough to hold all of our stuff so for the next house that we move to we will need a closet the size of a bedroom so that we have enough space to hold all of our clothes and shoes in one place and not have to spread them out all over the house.

The closet in the master bedroom barely has room to fit my workout clothes, work clothes, dresses, and regular clothes so we had to get a couple of dressers to put in the bedroom. I have a dresser drawer of just workout socks and then a drawer of non-workout socks and then a drawer for bras that I don’t wear all the time and a drawer for sports bras (because there wasn’t enough shelves in the closet for them to be stored in the workout clothes section), a drawer for t-shirts, a drawer for tank tops, and then Brian had to divide my underwear between three different drawers based on the style — thongs and g-strings went together, regular/everyday type underwear, and special occasion were the three categories. I would have had a special drawer for teddies also, but I got rid of all of my teddies when I got fat. Anyway, he tried to organize by color but, despite how boring I am when it comes to underwear, there were more colors than just beige, black, and white (even I was surprised because I usually get just the basic colors these days when shopping for underwear). But I digress… I did manage to fit my jewelry armoire in the closet and a couple of storage ottomans so Brian has somewhere to sit while he’s helping me decide what to wear. Even though the shelving is limited, there’s actually ample room in there.


Here’s what one side of the closet looked like before we moved some of the winter stuff in. There’s third rod at the very top that we couldn’t use it because of the height issue. After Brian got me a hanger hook (we got it from Bed Bath and Beyond instead of going through Amazon, which would have been cheaper, but we didn’t want to wait), we were able to move most of my winter jackets.

2012-10-17 17.47.19.jpg

The longer coats (hanging on the left) had to stay in the closet in the guest bedroom.

2012-08-11 23.00.36.jpg

I was down to only a couple of coats last winter, but I reacquired some of my old jackets and coats from mom and Jenni. I used to have a gazillion, but I got rid of most of them of when I got fat. I’m so happy that I gave some of them to mom and Jenni because I got most of those back. I think there’s only a couple that Jenni wanted to still keep. I got many of my favorites back, though.

I was thinking of going through all of them again, one at a time, to make sure that I get rid of the ones that are now too big for me. We usually have a coat drive at work so I can donate it there. Although, I think mom is bigger than me now so she may be able to use some of these. Not that she needs them. If you’ve seen her closets (yes, that’s closets with an “s”) then you know that she is ten times worse than I am.

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