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Brian Speaks Tagalog

Posted on June 19, 2010 by under Tagalog.    

Has it really been almost three weeks since our first Tagalog word of the week post? I can’t believe it. Sorry, guys. Next time, please be sure to remind me that it’s time to post another. Otherwise I’m certain I will forget.

Anyway, your new Tagalog word is pagpag. I’m not quite sure it’s a real word because I can’t find it in my English-Tagalog Tagalog-English dictionary, but it’s a word I use nonetheless and it’s one that Brian has picked up.

I had just finished sweeping our front porch when I asked Brian where he wanted me to put the broom. Brian replied, “Pagpag it out there first and then I can put it back in the garage.”

You can probably guess from the context what the word means. I’m not sure what the actual translation is because I couldn’t find it in the dictionary. Maybe Jennifer Teves can enlighten us? She is most fluent in Tagalog out of everyone I know.

Anyway, I was so impressed with Brian that I thought I’d blog about it right away. Way to go, baby! Keep up the great work!

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