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Useful Phrases

Posted on September 22, 2009 by under Travel.    

I thought I would post some basic words and phrases for Brian to learn in preparation for our trip. Let’s see if he can learn these. LOL.

Useful Words and Phrases
English Bisaya/Cebuano Tagalog/Filipino
Thank You Salamat Salamat
Please Palihug Paki- (used as a prefix, e.g. Paki-linis means “Please clean”)
Yes Oo Oo
No Dili Hindi
Money Kwarta Pera
Wallet Pitaka Pitaka or Walet
Cop Pulis Pulis or Buwaya (slang)
How are you? Kamusta ka? Kamusta ka?
Fine, thank you. Maayo, salamat. Mabuti, salamat.
Help! Tabang! Saklolo!
Good morning. Maayong buntag. Magandang umaga.
Good afternoon. Maayong udto (11a to 1p) or Maayong hapon (after 1p). Magandang tanghali or Magandang hapon.
Good evening. Maayong gabi-i. Magandang gabi.
I don’t understand. Dili ko kasabot. Hindi ko naintindihan.
Where is the restroom? Asa dapit ang CR/kasilyas? Saan ang CR/banyo?
I’m lost. Nasalaag ko. Naligaw ako.
I’m tired. Gikapoy ko. Napagod ako.
I’m hungry. Gigutom ko. Gutom ako.
How much is the fare? Pila ang pliti? Magkano ang pasahe?
Where is my change? Asa ang akong sukli? Saan ang sukli ko?
Who’s there? Kinsa na? Sino to?
How much is this/that? Tag pila ni/na? Magkano ito/yan?
I have no money. Wala ko’y kwarta. Wala akong pera.
That’s expensive! Mahal pud ana! Mahal yan!
I don’t like this/that. Dili ko ani/ana. Ayaw ko ito/yan.
I like this/that. Ganahan ko ani/ana. Gusto ko ito/yan.

What other words and phrases should Brian learn? Any suggestions?

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  • Replies to "Useful Phrases"


    Jo  on September 23, 2009

    This trip we won’t be anywhere near the Katagalogan. We will be in Tagbilaran, Cebu and Negros Islands -all speak Cebuano or Bisaya. Anyways, all the older male folks will be referred to as “Manong” if female “Manang”. Unless related, then he will refer to them the same way we call them. Like Papang Joe, Mama Maria, Tito Opie, Tito Cy. Younger relatives will be called by their first names.

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