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Invasion of the Christmas Lights

Posted on December 19, 2009 by under Things to Do.    

On the way home from Von Maur, we got to talking about this street by our house that looks like Vegas when you drive by. It’s a street off of Mainsgate. You can’t miss it because the abundance of bright lights almost makes it necessary to wear your sunglasses at night.

~So I can, So I can~ (Sorry, Corey Hart. I just had to do it.)

It almost looks like each neighbor is trying to outdo the other. One neighbor started to put up these ostentatious Christmas light displays and then the next neighbor was like, “I can do better than that!” Another neighbor saw it and was like, “I can do even better than those two!” And the next neighbor and the next, until the entire street was lit up. That’s how it looks driving by.

Anyway, Brian was inspired by this whole conversation so we made a detour. We took the scenic route driving home and ended up in College Hill. The homes in College Hill have some of the best Christmas light displays in town. They have Christmas carolers walking along the streets to boot. It really makes you want to live there (or not live there, if you’re a grouch – LOL).

Jan was telling us about these sticks wrapped in colorful Christmas lights on the yards of several houses along this one street. Naturally, we had to look for it. It really is amazing. I thought it was creative use of tubing. We figured they must have an HOA that did all of those because they were pretty uniform. Either that or all of those neighbors agreed to put the same tubing covered with lights on all of their yards. That’s quite a lot of homes. Christmas has a way of bringing people together, I guess. That’s really nice.

Of course none of the displays we drove by today were quite the same level as the Best Christmas Lights Displays of 2009 shown on TLC’s Invasion of the Christmas Lights special. These people are just downright obsessed. Most of the people featured on the show started putting their lights up in September. Many of them worked on perfecting their lighting choreography throughout the year. One guy even went to jail because of his lights. Why anyone would want to send someone to jail or why one would actually allow it to get to that point is beyond me. It’s crazy.

Invasion of the Christmas Lights is set to repeat on the 24th and 25th. I think those times listed are Eastern Standard Time so tune in to TLC 10 AM on the 24th or 9 AM on Christmas Day to see the amazing, out of this world Christmas light displays that people have come up with this year.

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