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Only Diamonds Last Forever

Posted on December 19, 2009 by under Life.    

I’m so upset. I tried to wear my Brighton fleur de lis stud earrings today, but the post broke as I was putting the first one on. I was so disappointed. I was thinking they were sturdier than that. Only diamonds last forever, I guess. Brighton is only guaranteed for a year. =P

“Look up the phone number to Von Maur please,” I told Brian since he was on his laptop. “You’ve had those for over a year,” he told me. “You’re S-O-L.”

“No way,” I insisted. “It hasn’t been a year since I got these.” To prove it, I asked him to open our blog on a new tab. I had him do a search for “fleur de lis” and, sure enough, this blog entry was first on the list of search results. I was like, “Right there! What’s the date on on that?”

February 18, 2009. Boo-yah!

I love how my prolific blogging has a way of vindicating me. LOL. I knew that it hadn’t been a year since I bought the earrings! It’s nearing the one year mark, though. In a way, I’m kind of glad that they broke today rather than later. At least it’s still within the one-year-guarantee time period. They could have broken in March. Then I would have really been S-O-L, or so Brian eloquently puts it.

So I got on the phone with Von Maur. I spoke with Jocelyn to see if they could help me out. She told me to just bring it in. The problem was, I was putting the earrings on because I was heading out to a movie. Brian and I were meeting Jan, David, Donna, and Chad at Warren East for Avatar. Lucky for me, Von Maur doesn’t close until 9 PM.

The movie was fantastic, by the way. Almost made me forget about my broken earrings. Not quite, though. I’m still upset about them being broken. The movie is really good, though. I’m eager to see it again, but in 3D this time. We have plans to do that after April and Cory return from Texas. But I digress…

The movie was only two and a half hours long, but after restroom stops and chatting at the theater it was well after 7 PM by the time we got out of there.

Brian was like, “Is it okay if we stop by Cory and April’s first? I told them we would stop by around seven thirty and it’s seven thirty right now.” I told him that was fine as long as we stopped only long enough to drop off our gift for Gavin and didn’t stick around. I’m really glad that we stopped by today, too. We found out that Cory and April are leaving on Monday to spend Christmas in Texas. If we hadn’t stopped by, we would have missed them altogether and Gavin wouldn’t have gotten his present until after Christmas. Isn’t it weird how things just fall into place?

But I’m digressing yet again…

We arrived at Von Maur about a quarter ’til 8 PM. Jocelyn had left for the day, unfortunately. She left at 5 PM. This nice lady named Kayla helped us, though. After explaining to her what had happened, she tried to help us look for those earrings. They did not have any in stock, but she said she could phone other stores to see if they had them. She told me that if we sent the earrings back for repair, it could take a couple of months before they’d be back so it would be faster to replace them. I figured whatever is easiest. I’m just grateful that they’re willing to help me. She took my name and number and promised she would call me once she locates the earrings. In the meantime, I’m going to wait patiently with fingers crossed.

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