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Brian’s Birthday

Posted on June 15, 2009 by under Poker, Things to Do, Travel.    










Brian and I were a little nutty and decided to spend Brian’s birthday in Kansas City. In order to save some money, we decided to do a day trip. In other words, driving up and coming back home without staying overnight. This meant getting up way early in order to make it in time for the 80-person $30 buy-in poker tournament at Harrah’s.

As you can see from the picture on the left, Brian wasn’t exactly elated to be up that early. He was really excited to play in the tournament, though.

Neither of us did well in the tournament, but I did outlast him. He went downstairs to play our favorite Texas hold ’em table game when got knocked out. I played for a few minutes after I got knocked out also. We would have played that table game longer, but we were both really hungry. When we cashed out, we made back our tournament buy-ins. About the only thing we lost was the $20 I put in a slot machine while waiting for Brian to come out of the restroom. Not bad, all in all.

Our next stop was Dave & Buster’s, our favorite place at Legends Mall. We usually do an “eat and play” combo and have fun for hours. I made Brian play Virtual Tennis with me. It is my favorite game at D&B because it’s the only game where I can beat Brian. We played a few shooting games (those are Brian’s favorite) and a racing game. He always beats me at those. I normally beat him at skeeball, but not that day. I fared horribly.

We walked around Legends for a while before finally heading home. We actually ran into Mike and Trisha (a couple we play poker with at Highlands) there. They were on vacation and doing some shopping. We didn’t really buy anything except for a denim jacket for me. I’d outgrown my other two. I had an XS one that I gave away after I picked up a size S a few years ago. I outgrew that one too so now I had to get a M one. 🙁

There were some amazing sales going on at the Ann Taylor and Banana Republic outlets, but I just couldn’t get myself to spend any more money. We spent quite a bit already this year.

Brian did pretty well gifts-wise. He got his Nokia E71 (early birthday present), his Munny (which he is yet to paint/decorate), and some brothel tokens. Oh, and his new Dell notebook arrived just in time for his birthday; although, it’s not technically supposed to be a birthday present. The DTR (also known as “the tank top” because it is the biggest laptop you have ever seen) died. I’m still kind of suspicious of its demise. It seemed like a weird coincidence that it happened around the time of his birthday. Smells like foul play to me. =P (I’m kidding, baby!)

With the exception of the year that I got him the big screen (which he hacked up with a chainsaw a few years ago), I think this is his most expensive birthday yet. Now we have to do a budget to recover from all this wanton, unfettered spending. It is a little irresponsible and so unlike us.

Anyway, spending the day in Kansas City playing poker and arcade games was a lot of fun. Driving up and back in one day was a little crazy, though. We probably won’t do that ever again. Next time, we are spending the night.

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