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Last Weekend Was a Fantastic Weekend

Posted on February 1, 2015 by under Poker.    

Last weekend was a great weekend but some had it way better than others for sure.


We played in the 2015 Kansas Poker Championships (also known as Cards for the Cure, a charity poker event benefitting the Susan G. Komen foundation) with some friends. Brian played in the Kansas Poker Championship, the main poker tournament. I didn’t play in it because it started at 10 AM and I have a couple of Zumba classes on Saturday mornings. I don’t get done until noon. However, it is a great cause and I enjoy playing poker so I registered for the Ladies-Only Poker Tournament later that day. It didn’t start until 4 PM so I had plenty of time to shower and get ready for it.


Brian was out by lunch but our friend Jay got deep into the main tournament and eventually won the whole darn thing. He is now the second person we know to be a Kansas Poker Championships champion. Our friend Michael Abay won it a couple of years ago. Incidentally, Jay’s winning cards were pocket queens — the exact same hand Brian was holding when we got knocked out of the tournament.


The ladies poker tournament was fun but had a low turnout. I was thinking that the 300 seats would fill up so I pre-registered on the web site. The day of the event they were begging women to play and I think they still only ended up with 99 players. My friend April took 6th in the ladies event and won $300. Not as much as Jay’s $10K first place finish, but it was a much smaller field. Still, it was great because it made up for their entry fees and then some. Great job, April!

After the dust settled Jay took everyone out to Red Robin for a celebratory dinner. It was really too late for us to eat, but I didn’t want to miss Jay gloat and bask in the glory of his win. He said buying everyone dinner was the least he could do considering some of his $10K was our money. We had to be there to celebrate the momentous occasion with our buddy. I figured we’re going to hear about Jay’s big championship win until at least one of us achieves the same feat (otherwise read: forever) so Jay’s gloating over dinner wasn’t going to be his last. Might as well get used to it. LOL.

Jokes aside, we are really proud of Jay’s achievement. Way to go, Jay! Way to represent!

Brian and I have decided that we really need to start playing more poker because we have a couple of friends now who have won the Kansas Poker Championship. Playing once or twice a year will no longer cut it. We’re going to have to play more if we intend to do better in next year’s tournament. It’s going to take a lot of practice. If Jay and Michael can do it, we should be able to do it too. We just need to get our heads back in the game.


Anyway, at least my bowling performance last Sunday made up for my disappointing finish in the ladies tournament. I can’t believe I beat mom. She usually bowls over 500 and I typically score around 400. It’s like we switched bodies. It was a good bowling night for me, which was great because I bowled extremely terribly the previous Sunday. A lot of it had to with arriving late though because we came from my staff meeting at Andover YMCA. I’ve decided that I cannot be late at all for bowling because it completely messes me up. I could not recover at all. It took me all of the first game to find my spot and didn’t really do that much better in the second and third games. It was a very bad night.

Last weekend was fantastic, though. Granted it was more fantastic for Jay, but it was great and it made me happy all the way around.

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