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My Wishlist

Posted on May 4, 2009 by under Wishlist.    

I have been looking at specific things that I think I would want for my B-day. I already received my Nokia E-71 and I absolutely love it. I have been looking at accessories for it and have decided that I only really need two things for my phone. The first is an ZAGG Invisible Shield. This is a laser cut precision cover that is clear. It covers every part of your phone that can be scratched. I figured since I spent so much on my phone I want to make sure that its protected. Full body coverage is only $25.00 so its a small price to pay for protection and longevity of my phone. If you had seen all of my other phones you would understand. ZAGG Invisible Shield for Nokia E-71

The second is a soft grip case for my phone. This is to add to its protection and give the phone some grip. The Nokia E-71 has an all aluminum body that is highly polished. Its remarkably slippery and I am incredibly clumsy. By adding this case to my phone it will provide a little added grip and some shock protection if I do manage to loose my grip some day. Black rubberized half-shell case for Nokia E-71

The last thing that I really want is something just for me and my artistic side. Its called a Munny. A Munny is a vinyl sculpture (or as my wife likes to tease, an action figure) that comes blank. Whats that you say, Blank!? Yes…Blank. This means that i get to make it look like anything that I want. I looked at the web site and there are so many that have been created by some top artist. I am hoping that I will find this to be a great new hobby that I can maybe turn into a small side business and get recognized by other artist and finally get my name out there.

As for other things that I might want, I will go with the standards. Nice button-up shirts for work, some fun t-shirts, a PS3…you know the usual.

As always, I am not sure what I will get and I am always greatfull for the time I get to spend with family.

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