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Brian Wants a MUNNY for his Birthday

Posted on April 18, 2009 by under Toys, Wishlist.    


Brian has decided he wants a MUNNY for his 35th birthday. I think he might be hitting second childhood early. LOL.

Kidding aside, these things are pretty cool actually. They are ideal for artist types like Brian because you can do whatever you want with them. You can draw and paint on MUNNY, using crayons, pencils, ketchup, or anything else you can think of…

You can make clothes for MUNNY. Make things to put in MUNNY’s hands. You can snuggle him, pierce him, drape him, cherish him. MUNNY is open to pretty much anything… or so it says on the web site.

Here’s some inspiration…

For even more inspiration, just go to the KidRobot MUNNY gallery or the MUNNY gallery at Vinyl Pulse or the MUNNY photos at Tates Comics or search for MUNNY on Flickr or Google MUNNY or check out some DIY videos on YouTube (there are some irrelevant hits, so just skip those). For information, check out MUNNY on Wikipedia. Amazing!

Brian wants a 7-inch Series 4 White Edition MUNNY DIY toy, but I doubt that he will turn his nose up at a 4-inch White Edition mini MUNNY. It seems like once you get started, you can never get enough of these things.

I’m sure he’d ask for the 18-inch White Edition MEGA MUNNY if he could, but then he couldn’t get a new cell phone. The MEGA MUNNY is expensive!

For other neat MUNNY stuff, go to the KidRobot web site. They’ve got tons of neat stuff.

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  • Replies to "Brian Wants a MUNNY for his Birthday"


    Jennifer Cannady  on April 24, 2009

    Don’t show THAT to Logan. He’ll probably want it too!

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