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Phones of Memory [I am a Nokia Fanboy]

Posted on June 7, 2009 by under Toys.    

I had a moment of nostalgia the other day and started recalling all of the phones that I used to own. My wife said “You can’t possibly remember all of the phones you owned!”

I told her that I could and I could even tell you what I liked about them and why I bought them. For those of you who don’t know me, I research almost every electronic device I buy. So I know full well what kind of device I am buying before I buy it. I know everything about it: the pros, the cons, everything. Below is a list of every phone I have owned since my first cell phone.

Nokia 5110: I just started my new job at T-Mobile. It was Voicestream back then. They had three phones to offer at the time: the Nokia, a Motorola, and an Ericsson flip phone.

I had remembered seeing people on the Ericsson phones and it always drove me nuts. I didn’t know much about Motorola, but the model that they had available to use did not look that good. The Nokia was built very sturdy, it was a brick but it had great functionality and it also came with a game (snake), which was something that the others didn’t offer. I decided that this was going to be the phone to purchase.

I was one of the only people to buy it in the group of new hires. Everyone else went for the thinner Motorolas and Ericssons. After six months my Nokia still worked like a champ, despite all of the damage I inflicted upon it. Almost everyone else had been forced to buy a new phone because they either had problems or they had broke them in some way. The thing was built like a tank and I was instantly in love.

Nokia 8210: We were told at our orientation that we received discounts when we purchased phones through the company. We were encouraged to do so as a way of learning about the devices. I decided on this one because it was the same platform that they had on the 5110 but on a much smaller package.

At this point, I was tired of carrying around the brick that I had purchased and decided that it would be a back up phone. This phone was again a power house in the phone world at that time. It was compact and still performed above the rest. I remember people complaining about coverage on their Motorolas. However, I never had a complaint.

Nokia 3310: I purchased this one a little earlier than I really should have. There was no real reason other than it was a new model with upgraded functions on it. It still had the same basic features but the software had been upgraded to allow for some more options for it like T9, smart messaging, calculator and many more. It also had replaceable front and back covers instead of just the front covers. 

Nokia 3650: This was my first color screen phone. The number pad was a challenge to get used to, but after a while it was pretty easy. This was a pretty good phone. It could definitely take a beating. To give you an example of how good they were, I dropped mine in a half a glass of Pepsi and after I dried it out it worked like a charm. I was very impressed with the phone overall and even got the upgraded version that had the inline number pad instead of the round one.

Nokia 3650: To this day, this was my all time favorite phone. I loved the ease and functionality of this phone. I bought this phone because I was tired of using a keypad to text message and I wanted to have a keyboard like a computer. This was the first phone that Nokia produced that offered just that. I still have this phone as my back up phone.

Nokia 6130: I got this one because I wanted a flip phone. I would forget to lock my keypad and then whoever I called last would get to listen to my pocket for however long it took them to hang up the phone. With a flip phone I did not have to worry about that. I still have this phone as well. It’s in the same drawer as my 6800. It’s not a bad phone but its currently got a problem with receiving calls.

Nokia 5300: I bought this phone because I was tired of carrying around an MP3 player and a phone. I play poker and I was always carrying my phone, an MP3 player and at times, my wife’s phone. I got this for my birthday one year and was very pleased with its performance. I was very dissappointed when the screen crapped out on me. I ended up throwing this one in the trash. I was very sad.

Nokia E71: This is my current phone. I got it as a birthday present and absolutely love it. It’s got a QWERTY keypad and a bundle of features. Out of all of the phones, this is one of my favorites. The only thing that could have made it better would have been to put it in a form like the 6800. I did recently find out that they do make a similar version called the E70 that is just that. But its got a smaller screen and a smaller camera. I think will stick to my E71.

So there you have it. All of the phones that I have owned. I have tried several others, but never purchased them. I was a tester at T-Mobile for a while so I got to use a variety of phones. None of them really matched the ease and function of Nokias.

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