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Frozen Pickleballs

Posted on February 22, 2020 by under Hobbies.    

I was super excited to play in the Frozen Pickleballs tournament this year. I found out about it last year but I couldn’t play because I had just started playing and I wasn’t good enough. Gregg Smith handpicked all of the teams last year. This year he let people sign up rather than picking the teams.

The tournament was announced all the way back in October. Tom Joyce invited me to play with him but, the week of the event, he ended up coming down with the flu so I had to scramble and find a new partner. Thankfully, Chris Wilson stepped up. You’ll remember him from the Wichita Corporate Challenge last year. We were the only two people at work who were interested in pickleball back then so we played together. We got to reprise our partnership for the Frozen Pickleballs tournament.

Chris and I made a pretty good team. We actually took second place in the round robin. It was on a technicality because we ended up tying Gary Hofmeier and Sherri Marney’s record but we beat them when we played against them so Matt, who was running the tournament, put us ahead of them in the standings. Mark Smith and Kim Knotts were undefeated. I was really bummed that there weren’t playoffs because I wanted another shot at them. We got really close. They beat us 16-14 so we had to go into overtime.

Chris is amazing so I felt like we had a really good chance at winning the tournament had we gone into playoffs. I can’t be too greedy, though. I’m just glad I actually got to play in it this year. I had a ton of fun. And, it actually was pretty nice this year. Unlike last year when they were playing in 30-degree weather. The sun was out and some people were even wearing shorts.


Here’s a group photo of the top teams (from left): me and Chris (unofficial second), Kim and Mark (undefeated in the round robin), Gary and Sherri (they had two losses, same record as ours). No medals were given so we were just playing for bragging rights, and of course to raise money for the “Light Up Edgemoor” effort.


Greg Spring took a bunch of photos and captured some great action shots.



Here’s a pic of me with some of the girls who played in the tournament this year: Karen Fox, Kimberly How, and Amy Jaramillo.


Then here’s our group photo. It turned out to be a great day for an outdoor pickleball tournament. We had a great turnout. Looking forward to hopefully playing in it again next year.


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