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Dream Team Doubles at Riverside

Posted on June 28, 2022 by under Community, Pickleball.    

Last month we held our first Dream Team Doubles pickleball tournament at Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis Center. We ended up with six teams of four — two men and two women — to complete for the title of ultimate team champion. It was my first time running a mini tournament with this specific format (women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and two mixed doubles) and I was so proud of myself for staying right on schedule. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this!

Dream Team Doubles 20220521

This is the Excel template that I created specifically for the round robin portion this event. After five rounds of play, which gave everyone a chance to play against all the other teams in the tournament, we did a single elimination bracket.

Personally, I like the round robin + single elimination format compared to a double elimination format because if you have a rough day then you could go 0-2 (meaning play twice, lose twice and be out) and only play a couple of matches. The round robin + single elimination ensures everyone gets to play lots of games, which in turn is way more fun. Even if you do end up finishing last, you still got to play a ton.


These were the two teams that made it to the championship round — Team Topps (Antwome Topps, Jody Vinson, Lesli Toubassi, and Chris Wilson) and 1 Right 3 Wrongs (Caesar Naftzger, Cindy Egan, Vickie Hancock, and Cory Sager). It was a really tight match. Actually, all of the matches were super close and some matches even came down to a point or two.


Team Topps prevailed that day with their solid play. Congratulations to all! Can’t wait until we do this again. Noi?

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