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Birthday Lunch with Becca

Posted on December 1, 2013 by under Food and Drink.    


We finally got a chance to catch up with our buys pals, the Dills, last week. We met Jay, Becca, Addi, and Mama Dill for a late lunch at Red Robin.


It was a real treat seeing Addi. We played a few rounds of Go Fish.


Red Robin Gourmet Burgers on Urbanspoon

She is such a cutie. Oh, and we are both hooked on the freckled lemonade. LOL.

It’s been a few years since Brian and I have eaten at Red Robbin. It’s just not conducive to dieting. I mean, how can you resist the bottomless fries and the free refills on freckled lemonade. I can never get out of there without consuming at least a few thousand calories.


We were finally able to give Jay and Becca their housewarming present which we’d had for several weeks but hadn’t been able to give to them because we couldn’t find a good time to get together. Anyway, it ended up doubling as a birthday present. I joked that if we waited just a few more weeks it could be their Christmas present as well. LOL. Yup. Just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a cheapskate. Not quite as bad as bad as the people on the Extreme Cheapskates TV show on TLC but I do have some miserly ways.

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