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A Star is Born Movie Night

Posted on October 22, 2018 by under Movies, Things to Do.    

We’ve had a few fun movie outings with our Zumba family this year. Most recently we went to see Crazy Rich Asians and before that was Mamma Mia! 2 and I Feel Pretty. Brian doesn’t always get super excited about these types of movies so it’s nice to go with a bunch of people just as excited as I am.


Not as many came out for A Star is Born because some people had already seen it. However, our friend Alex was in town from Manhattan so she went to the movies with us. That was a special treat in and of itself.

After the movie, the plan was to go to Buffalo Wild Wings but they didn’t have enough room for us. When I told them there would 20 of us, they told me the wait would be 45 minutes to an hour. Yikes!

I called Carlos O’Kelly’s and it was the same situation. Danielle suggested we check the Mexican place. I was like, “I did. They told me an hour.” I thought she meant Carlos, which is where we normally go. She actually meant El Agave which is on the other end of the same strip as BWW. I didn’t think of it because we’d never eaten there before. As luck would have it, they had enough room for our group and we didn’t have to wait at all. The food wasn’t bad either.


Here’s a pic of our group. A couple of people who went to the movies opted out of dinner and then Rose, who couldn’t make the early movie, was able to join us for dinner. It worked out pretty well overall.


Here are some pictures of food.


I had the chicken mole. I actually liked it and would probably have it again if we find ourselves over that way.


Brian had a combo plate.


This is Jeff and Amanda’s dinner. I forgot that Jeff skipped the movie also but met us for dinner. I think Brian would have much rather skipped the movie too. I thought it was excellent but quite depressing.


I had El Agave’s version of a pina colada. I forget what it’s called but it was yummy.

We originally planned to go to karaoke after but it seemed like people were too tired to go and Brian hates karaoke so I didn’t press it. Specially, since only a couple of people were really interested. We ended the outing after dinner but I thought it was a great night overall. I think everyone had a good time.

Since Brian was a good sport about it, I agreed to go see Venom with him this past weekend. I wouldn’t normally go to these types of movies but I always find myself entertained when I do.

BTW, this is a perfect example of give-and-take in a marriage. We see my movies sometimes and then we see Brian’s movies sometimes. That way no one feels jilted or jipped. Though, I must admit, Brian is the more generous one when it comes to giving in our relationship. I’m constantly dragging him to do things with me — things he wouldn’t normally do. He seems to have fun, though. And it’s always his call. I never force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

That’s the update for today. Until next time! GNG.

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