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Will Deal Cards for Food

Posted on December 15, 2008 by under Food and Drink, Life, Poker.    


On Friday night at Highlands Jen was like, “So did you have to go to school to deal cards?” I explained to her that Brian and I just got to tag along on the cruise because they had two dealer spots open. We didn’t really have any formal training.

“I’m sure that the real casino dealers like the ones in Vegas receive special training, but Brian and I just dealt for that trip.” I mean, I doubt we would be able to do anything like that ever again. That’s really what I was thinking. I guess I spoke too soon.

Sunday morning (well, it was like noonish but Brian and I were still laying in bed) I received a call from Shane. He said he needed two dealers for a private holiday party at Highlands. We would get compensated for two hours of work from 7 pm to 9 pm. I woke Brian up for a quick deliberation. We figured we would be done with our movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, by 6 pm so we would have plenty of time. Called Shane back to tell him that yes, we would do it and we would even come early.

Dealing cards for a group of inebriated people is a lot less stressful than dealing for a bunch of APL players who watch your every move. You don’t have to worry about being perfect or being fast. However, it’s not without challenges. I was lucky that I had a couple of people at my table who knew how to play Texas hold’em pretty well. I only had to focus on the other five, making sure they knew the rules of the game and the hand rankings and all that jazz. Although, I still had to make sure that people knew when it was their turn to act because after a few drinks (some people had a lot) no one knew what was what.

We played a couple of 30-minute rounds and then at the end of each round, the player with the most chips won a prize. The prize for the first round was a $15 gift certificate to Highlands and then we gave away four Thunder hockey tickets in the second round. I totally spaced out and let the same guy win both though, and we weren’t supposed to do that. I didn’t realize it until after we were done and Brian told me that one of the guys at his table wasn’t happy about that rule because he really wanted the hockey tickets.

Anyway, at my table the guy in second place came pretty close in the second round. He technically should have won the hockey tickets because the other guy won the gift certificate already. I was a dum-dum, though, and I let the other guy win again. I didn’t realize it until after we were done and Brian and I huddled to tell each other what happened at our tables. That really bothered me, but I couldn’t do anything about it because Kurt was busy wrapping things up. I felt really bad. I hoped that Kurt would have a second before the guy left for the evening so that I could talk him into giving me four Thunder hockey tickets in exchange for getting paid so that I could rectify my mistake. Kurt was really cool about it, though. He gave me four tickets to fix my boo boo and I still got paid.

Kurt gave Brian and I the option of getting paid in cash or getting paid in the form of gift certificates. We opted for gift certificates because we are at Highlands at least once a week and we would definitely put it to good use. Althought, I wish I would’ve known about this opportunity before I bought a bunch of Highland gift certificates from Entercom. They’ve got a 50% off deal going on right now where you get $50 in gift certificates for $25. I couldn’t pass it up so I bought some. I guess they’ll be seeing a lot of us until all these gift certificates are used up. Even then, we’ll still keep coming back. LOL.

BTW, Brian was telling me about this overly flirtatious woman at his table. He was like, “If I weren’t married I probably could have gotten laid tonight.” Har har. Very funny. Not to burst Brian’s bubble, but I’m pretty sure the woman in question was flirting with everyone.

I told one of my coworkers about it this morning. I wasn’t upset or anything, I was simply sharing the story because I thought it was funny. She was like, “Doesn’t Brian wear a wedding ring?”

“Sure he does,” I told her. “Apparently she was too drunk to notice.”

Anyway, I was pretty impressed with how the whole holiday party went. Sure the card games portion of the evening started a little late and ran a little over, but everything (at least that I could see) seemed to flow pretty smoothly. I think the guests really enjoyed themselves. Then again, I’m looking at it from the other side so I could be a little biased.

Our own holiday party at Margarita’s the previous day seemed like mayhem in comparison, specially with the whole double booking situation and not getting our food until several people were done eating and had to go boxes already. Carly said the people there were really unfriendly.

I told her about the holiday party at Highlands yesterday and how nice it was and even suggested that maybe we could go with Highlands next year. She said some people wanted to do the casino thing again like we did in 2002 when we had a nice formal dinner at the Broadview. People could stay afterward and play casino games. The organizers had hired the folks at Celebrations to do that part of the event. Some people wanted to do the Warren thing again, where we rented an entire auditorium and had our dinner buffet served in the theater. Anyway, there were several ideas thrown out. I told her if they wanted to do the casino thing, Highlands would be a good option — except I didn’t think that Highlands could do craps and roulette and all that. I gave her their web site so she could check it out.

“Yes but are they still going to be open in six months?” she joked. It’s true that the location has been unlucky for its previous tenants. Then again, the other restaurants didn’t have JD Harvey and Kandu. Highlands seems to be doing quite well for themselves so I have no doubt they’ll be around for a good long time. I really hope we get to have our work holiday party there next year.

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