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Crazy Night at Highlands

Posted on December 13, 2008 by under Food and Drink, Poker.    

Take that title however you want. Suffice it to say we had a “Wylde” and fabulous time, pun intended. Poker couples Vic and Jen and Scott and Sunny were there last night (again). I guess I should be getting used to this by now. They are “Eastsiders” after all and, like us, find the Highlands location extremely convenient. I’m not sure if that is such a good or bad thing. I guess good in a way that we are always guaranteed great company on Friday nights when we are there, but then bad in that now we’ll never be able to stop going because our poker buddies offer an additional draw besides just our regular poker addiction.

Jen was extremely quotable last night. I’m not a good storyteller so it’s probably not going to be as funny on the blog. It was definitely one of those “you should have been there” nights. Perhaps I should start from the beginning?

Got there a little after 7 pm — early by poker standards because the tournament doesn’t start until 9 pm, but too late to catch Kurt. We were hoping to chat with him this week about stuff. What stuff? I’m not quite sure. He just told us last week to track him down. We’ll just have to catch him today at the invite.

Yup, didn’t know there was an invite today. Just found out about that last night. Today is going to be a really long day: step class, brunch, invite, work holiday party, tweetup. I think I’m sleeping in tomorrow. =P I’m debating on whether I should skip step class. I guess it all depends on if I finish this blog entry in time.

Dinner last night was fantastic, by the way. Brian had the scotch chicken with regular fries and I had the brazed pork ribs with yam fries. Sooo good! Surprisingly our bill this time was cheaper than last time, but we realized that I skipped the alcoholic beverages this time. I think the cocktails are what drives up people’s dinner tabs in general. At least such is the case for us.

[ BTW, I think the food was fab last night because JD was there. ]

I had a crappy poker night, which is kind of a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. Last week I was drinking and did well (made it to the final table). I had concluded that it was the inebriation, rather than my poker skills, that got me there. I decided that I would forgo drinking tonight to test this hypothesis. I did not make it to break. Therefore, I am not skilled enough at poker and must henceforth rely on heavy drinking to get me through the night (I apologize in advance, baby — but, considering that I just proved my theory, there is no other way).

Brian was doing well at break. I don’t know if my threat (I told him that he better make it to the final table, otherwise, he is dancing with me) helped any or not. He did make it to the final table, though. Actually, he finished fourth and in the money. He always tries to outdo me. I finished seventh last week and shy of the money. This week, he does better.

[ Grrr! Now I have try and outdo him. Maybe today will be my day. ]

Oh, and I ran into mom’s realtor pal Leon at poker last night. We actually started at the same table. He made the final table last night also. He made the big money. They did a three-way chop after Brian got knocked out.

His girlfriend, who introduced herself as “his lover” to everyone, was a little frisky last night. She totally molested Shane, who she insisted on referring to as Fabio. I don’t know if Shane should take that as an insult. He is far better looking than the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” mascot.

She grabbed Shane’s valuable ass-ets several times last night and, on one occasion, while Shane was standing there talking to Jen and Sunny and me. Jen was like, “Wow! I don’t even have the balls to do that.”

The woman was so drunk, I’m pretty sure everyone got molested at some point. Well, except for Brian and Vic (and me, I guess; I didn’t get molested either, thank the Lord). She wasn’t selective at all, molesting males and females alike.

Kristy said that she tried to sit on her while she was minding her own business watching Doug and cheering him on as he played. Kristy was like, “Noo! Get off me.”

Anyway, I think Shane got the brunt of it. “I wonder if we should tell his wife,” I joked to Sunny. I decided that I wouldn’t do that. I would just tell the world instead.

“Can I blog this?” I asked. Shane thought I said “Can I block this?” I was thinking to myself (but didn’t have the nerve to say out loud), “Hell no! I would not stand in the way of that woman and her desire to molest you. I don’t think anyone can.”

After I restated my comment, Shane looked at me incredulously. He said, “You’re asking for my permission? I didn’t realize I had an option.”

You all know how I feel about Shane. He is somewhat intimidating (specially when he is angry) so I try not to get on his bad side. Anyway, he was really cool about it, so I feel pretty safe blogging this. I’m still getting used to the nice Shane.

[ Mrs. Shane — if you are reading this — sorry, girl. There was nothing that any of us could do to protect him. ]

Jen later said, “Please don’t ever let me get like that.” LOL. Okay, so Jen and Sunny weren’t completely spotless last night in the molestation area. They were more selective (tasteful?) about it, though. They exercised discretion and mainly just focused on Yanis and his amazing physique, particularly his :very: muscular biceps.

We were assigned to different tables last night so Sunny had to tell me about a conversation that went on at their table. She told me how Jen asked with a straight face, “Have you got your tickets yet?” “To what?” “To the gun show!” Their table busted up laughing. Even the men could not keep a straight face. Definitely a “you should have been there” moment. You guys have to come to Friday night poker one night just to experience the hilarity first hand.

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