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Sunny’s Christmas-slash-Cruise-Reunion Party

Posted on December 24, 2008 by under Babies, Life, Travel.    

Brian loved this coaster so he stole one ~ with Sunny’s permission, of course. Actually, Brian didn’t realize it until Kurt pointed it out. Leave it up to Kurt to spot the cool, kitschy stuff.

Sunny and Scott were fantastic hosts. We had such a blast! (Except for the fact that I couldn’t breathe, which I will explain later.)

We ran into Sunny and Scott at Highlands on Friday night and they mentioned that they still had to do more shopping after poker. They weren’t kidding. They went all out. I think the highlight was when Santa came out (Scott in the miracle Santa suit ~ you’ll have to ask Sunny about this story) and started handing out gifts to everyone. They had a gift for every single guest! Holy crap! I had never been to party like that.


“These people are ballers,” I thought to myself. Although, the very nice house with very nice stuff should have tipped me off.

[ ASIDE: “Baller” is a word that I learned from my friend/coworker Angie a few months ago. I’d never been able to use it in a sentence before. I figured now is my chance. Brian picks on me because I don’t do slang well. I hope I used the word right. =P Or I could just avoid trying altogether because it just feels awkward and silly. ]

The funny thing is that they live right by us. Sunny had guests coming from all over so when she sent the email blast with directions, she gave the easy directions from 29th Street (like if you were coming off K96). Following those directions would have had Brian and I going around the neighborhood.


I recalled that I can get to Beacon Hill through the neighborhoods because when I decided to go the back way coming home from Jan’s house (she lives in Beacon Village behind Beacon Hill) one night, I took a wrong turn and ended up through Beacon Hill and coming out onto 29th Street. So anyway, I figured Brian and I could go the back way so I mapped a route for us through Google.

That’s when I realized how close their house is to ours. Except, of course, their house is in the nice Beacon Hill subdivision and ours is in the ghetto-ish no-name neighborhood behind Olde English Manor.

No wonder they’re always at Highlands! LOL.




We got to meet Sunny and Scott’s babies: Kirby, Eddie, and Oliver (shown in that order at the left).

Kirby is our favorite. He is just so lovable. They were all really well-behaved, though. They didn’t bark or yap (in Eddie’s case because Poms are typically yappers) at anyone.

As far as humans go, we met a lot of new people but there were also several familiar faces from the cruise. Bonnie, Roy, Steph, and Barry all came. Fellow Highlands regulars Vic and Jen were there. Kurt, Kathy, Shane, Jen, and Brent all came also. It was very much like a reunion.

I brought my cruise book, which I asked the poker cruise alums to sign. It totally reminded me of being in high school and asking classmates to sign your yearbook. I got almost everyone’s signatures, except for Steph and Barry who took off before I could get to them.

As for the non poker cruise alums, I think the most famous person we met was Sierra Scott. She’s a local celebrity who has her own TV show on KPTS. You might have heard of it. The show is called “It’s All Good.” It airs on Fridays at 8 PM, which is when we are at Highlands having dinner and playing poker, so I haven’t seen it. The show is good and heart-warming from what I hear. You guys will have to check it out.

Here is Sierra with Sunny…

Incidentally, that is my photo book she is holding. Poker cruise alum or not, maybe I should have asked her to sign it too? LOL.

More pictures from the party… Bonnie and Roy.


Shane and Jenny.

Kathy and Kurt.

Ching and Brent.

Sunny and Jen.

I could go on and on because I took quite a few photos. Click here to check them all out.

P.S. If you are looking for the sangria recipe, you can find it here.

P.P.S. I never did explain why I couldn’t breathe. A few minutes into the party, I started to have trouble breathing. It felt like there was a ton of bricks on my chest, obstructing my breathing. Actually, it felt a lot like when I had bronchitis a few weeks ago. It was really weird because it happened so suddenly with no warning whatsoever. Just in the middle of the party, I couldn’t breathe.

The illness left just as quickly as it came, though. It started on Saturday night and then continued to feel bad all day on Sunday and then I woke up better on Monday morning. I don’t know if my body just forced itself to feel better because I HAD to come to work on Monday or what. It could be the Advair, though. I was wheezing on Sunday so I used it. That seemed to work because it stopped the wheezing, AND I was better on Monday.

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