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Case Study – Done

Posted on April 25, 2004 by under School.    

I finally finished writing our case study (after much stress, many sleepless nights and grumpy days, and immeasurable agony) on Meadowbrook Garden Center for Management and Organizational Behavior.  The strange thing is, I thought that my stress level would considerably decrease after this.  While on one hand I feel a sense of relief, I feel just as stressed out as I ever was.  Would this have anything to do with the six to eight-page research paper due on May 7th that I still have to write for Philosophy?  Hmm..  I wonder?

At least, I have two seconds to blog.  I gotta celebrate the completion of the writing portion of the case study somehow!  By the way, mom and dad, Jen and Ray, and Brian and I are all having dinner at PF Chang’s today to do some post-birthday celebrating for dad.  Mom and dad will finally meet Ray, for the very first time.  The irony is that, many of mom and dad’s friends met Ray last Saturday as Jen and Ray were leaving PF Chang’s.  I know this because I saw them too as we were leaving.  Anyway, I think it’s about time that mom and dad meet Ray.  I truly don’t understand why Jen has been hiding him.  It seems that she is eager for them to meet her loser-type boyfriends and when she finally meets a winner, she’s ambivalent.  Crazy girl, that one.

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