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Posted on April 24, 2004 by under Life.    

I know it’s been eons but we have been really busy. School work has escalated to an all time high (but I think I’ll still get straight A’s this semester, thank God) and my stress level is through the roof. Anyway, I’m just touching base to make sure that April doesn’t fly by without a post. Here are some pictures that were taken over the last month..

 Ashley  Ashley and Ching  Brian, Brent and Chelsea  In the Couples Locker/Restroom at Healing Waters, Our Newest Favorite Escape  Brian  Jerome  Brent and Chelsea  Megan and Kelley  Brian  Brian and Ching  Alex  Brian  Brent  Chelsea  Brian and Jerome  Brian and Jerome  Chelsea  Jerome  Jerome  Brian  Brian  Jerome  Ching

As you can see, we’ve started getting into swordfighting with shinai bamboo swords. It’s kind of ghetto because we use mismatched equipment: shinai swords, fencing mask and hockey gloves.. But, hey, it works! Of course, Brian couldn’t leave things well enough alone so he personalized our stuff. His mask has The Punisher logo painted on the front and mine has a smiley face which everyone has agreed is quite appropriate.

Something funny about Brent, one of the guys pictured above, is that I’ve actually met him before (like three or four years ago). Brian kept insisting that I had but I couldn’t really recall meeting “Brent.” Well, he was hanging out at the house (drawing with Brian) one weekend and I was complaining how stinky (we do have three cats) and disgusting our house is and how embarrassing it is to have company over when the house is in such a state.

Brent tries to reassure me by saying that it’s quite alright because he has an olfactory problem so he can’t really smell anything. I go, “That’s interesting. I know someone with the EXACT same problem.” He goes, “Really? It’s not a very common condition. Who is it?” Brian gives me kind of a shocked look which I didn’t really understand at the time. He didn’t succeed at stopping me from my reply.. “I don’t really know him, know him. I only met him once. His name is BJ.” “I’M BJ!”

Creepy, huh?

Anyway, we all had a good laugh about it. The whole time we’d been hanging out I didn’t realize that Brent is the same person as BJ. Brian was right. I had met Brent before. But I met him as BJ. So it didn’t register. Thank God, I didn’t say anything bad!

Brian and Brent get along really well because they are both artist types. Brent is really into swordfighting which Brian is now addicted to. We’ve since bought our own equipment from Blue Gauntlet (for our fencing masks), Tigerstrike (for our shinai swords), and (for our hockey gloves). Now that I’ve started looking at eBay, though, I’m beginning to look at all sorts of merchandise. For instance on a recent trip to Restoration Hardware, I found this vintage badminton set for $50 that I really wanted. Looked on eBay and found something similar for $10. I just bought it but I haven’t received it yet. I’m really looking forward to it. I just saved $40 — yay me!

I also bit the bullet and signed up for Netflix and Gmail. Anyway, I just found out that Netflix is about to raise their rates. Just when I signed up. Such sucky luck, I have!

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