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My 31st Birthday

Posted on October 31, 2008 by under Flickr, Food and Drink, Travel.    

As I mentioned before, my 31st birthday fell on the day we arrived in Grand Cayman which also happened to be the second formal night. The first formal night was on Monday night and that was the night I didn’t dress up, but forced myself to go to the formal dining room anyway because it was lobster night. Brian and I did dress up for the second formal night. It was my birthday after all.

Here are some photos…
Poker Cruise 3 094
Richard and his niece Bethany. Bethany was actually at the spa that same day. After our treatment Brian made a comment that he thought he heard Bethany’s voice. We found out at dinner that it was really her. She was in the room either next to or close to ours. I think we heard her as she was coming down the hallway.

Richard arrived to dinner late because he had a spa treatment that day as well. He had some sort of special shave treatment. They must have given him the works because his shave thing lasted about two hours, from 4 pm to 6 pm. Dinner starts at 6 pm so he had to change really quickly and head to the dining room.

Poker Cruise 3 092
Shawn and Kylie. Shawn and Kylie both work for WPTAPL in Florida. Shawn also works as a dealer at a local casino so he is probably the most experienced dealer on the trip. Kylie has been with WPTAPL for three years or so now. She is a teacher by day and a WPTAPL regional manager by night. She is the of her kind. There are no more RMs except for Kylie because all the other regions have gone to a “sanctioned league” format.

We got to spend a lot of time with Kylie because the was in the poker room almost the entire time. She was our boss when the bosses weren’t around. I felt really bad because the guys picked on her quite a bit. One night Brent and Frank (and maybe Shawn was in it, too, I don’t remember who all was in on it — I just know I wasn’t) pulled a prank on her by hiding the money envelope. They let her search for a really long time and wouldn’t tell her where they hid it. I didn’t think it was funny. They finally told her that they hid it inside Frank’s backpack.

Except for the first night when Kurt and Shane dismissed Brian and I early (by early I mean before 1 am) because there was only one cash table going, we pretty much stayed with Kylie almost every night. We didn’t want to leave her by herself. There was actually one night when we were there past 3 am. We were trying to transfer photos to each other’s flash drives after all the players had left. We finally just gave up on it because our flash drives kept running out of space and it was taking too long. =P I liked Kylie a lot. I hope we get to see her again.

This is us. No further explanation need. =P
Poker Cruise 3 093

And finally, the bosses and their wives… Kurt and Kathy.
Poker Cruise 3 091

Jen and Shane.
Poker Cruise 3 090

Brian and I didn’t really get to spend very much time with Kathy and Jen except for at the night of the private party because we all went to the Degas lounge for the Rocky Horror Picture Show afterward. Jen and Shane each performed a song for us while we were waiting for RHPS to start. They are one talented couple.

As for Kurt, this trip pretty much affirmed my first impressions from years ago when we first started playing poker at the APL HQ (before Doyle Brunson and WPT) when APL was still APL. He is a really savvy businessman and very, very smart — quick on his toes and good with words. He could probably make camping in the dessert sound like a fun vacation. Look up “intelligent entrepreneur” and you’ll see his photo. He is a pretty good boss.

Shane is a good boss too but he still kind of scares me. Most of the times I’ve seen him at the HQ, he’s looked angry. He’s just a really intimidating type of guy. From what I understand, his reputation is not exactly without merit but he has mellowed down a lot over the years. I am told (Shane actually says so himself) that the Shane today is way, way better than Shane form years ago.

Anyway, people get so busy chatting in the poker room that they don’t pay attention whenever someone makes an announcement. However, as soon as Shane says something everyone quiets down and listens. Some might say that Shane has a louder voice than everyone else, but I think it’s because he is intimidating. I know I’m thinking, “This guy is scary. I better pay attention.”

At dinner one night Shane goes, “I don’t know why people are so afraid of me. I’m really super nice.” I said, “Maybe just nice. Super nice is a bit of a stretch.” Sometimes your mouth just opens before your brain can stop it. Shane didn’t seem offended and Kurt found the comment was funny so it’s all good. I didn’t get fired or thrown off the boat or anything.

Poker Cruise 3 112

Anyway, Brian told our dining room server it was my birthday so they came out and sang “Happy Birthday” as I blew my candle. Brian tried to get a big cake, but was told that you had to order those at least 24 hours in advance to allow them time to make and decorate the cake.

That’s probably what happened to Brent’s request on Tuesday night. He asked them to bring a whole anniversary cake for Jen and Shane and they only got a slice also. I’m guessing he didn’t ask for it 24 hours before either.

Brent said he told the staff and he was told that they would take care of it so he was expecting a whole cake and even told Jen and Shane not to order dessert. Most of the crew are foreign so I’m guessing something was lost in translation. Jen and Shane got a slice of diet cheesecake (I think that’s what it was, if I remember correctly) with two candles on it.

We had a good laugh about it afterward, but I thought that was a sweet and thoughtful gesture on Brent’s part. It was great getting to know Brent more on this trip (with bunking with him and Dan in Conroe and everything). Now, he is super nice.

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