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The Burger Stand – Lawrence and Topeka

Posted on March 26, 2016 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

The Burger Stand at the Casbah Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Burger Stand is hands down the best burger joint in Kansas. Not just because of their hip ambiance but the burgers are amazing. They’ve come up with the most creative and delicious combination of flavors. They offer a variety of different types of fries, which are flavorful enough to stand on their own, but they also have lots of different sauces you can try.

I had dinner at the Burger Stand at the Casbah last month, which is their Lawrence, KS location. Here are some pictures.




I know that menu is hard to read so here’s a link to their menu online. They have burgers (meat and veggie) and hotdogs (made with Nathan’s Famous all beef hotdogs) and a variety of fries to choose from. They even have poutine fries, which aren’t very common unless you’re in Canada.


These are the truffle fries, which are my absolute favorite kind of fries to get there. Even though the sweet potato fries and the duck fat fries are quiet popular as well. I hear the Cajun fries are yummy as well but I tend to go with what’s familiar so I always end up eating the truffle fries.


They have some salad selections too, if you’re not a burger eater but you gotta try their burgers because they are super delicious. I’m not much of a burger eater myself but these burgers are amazing. Beyond amazing. They are life-changing. LOL. The one pictured above is the Smoke which consists of a super thick burger patty, applewood-smoked bacon, gouda cheese, and chipotle-cocoa ketchup. I have never tasted a more delicious burger in my entire life.

The Burger Stand Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We had our team builder at the Topeka location this past week. The Topeka location is officially named the Burger Stand at College Hill, probably because of its proximity to the Washburn University campus. Getting there is kind of weird because you drive by a bunch of houses. Parking is kind of iffy at times and the one way streets can be confusing but, I have to say, it’s totally worth the trip. I think the Topeka location actually has a more extensive menu than the Lawrence one in terms of burgers. For instance, I don’t think you can get Holy Jalapeño or Thai Turkey in Lawrence. It doesn’t matter to me either way though, because I just want the Smoke burger which I can get at both places.


Our team building activity last Wednesday consisted of pounding some burgers and playing a single-elimination ping pong tournament.


I’m not any good at ping pong but I think it’s super fun and wish I could play more often. My first match up was against Darcy. I don’t think she’s ever played ping pong before. I was able to advance to the next match which was against Miranda. I also won that match. My next match was supposed to be with Nathan but he withdrew because he felt bad about winning against Jenni despite his illegal serving style. I ended up playing against Jenni instead. She was pretty good and I lost that match.


Anyway, I had some pretty easy matches. I’m glad I didn’t have to play any of the pros like Kim, Dan, Andy, or Sam. I think Sam was the ultimate winner that night which is funny considering he’s not even on our project team. He was just tagging along with our Project Manager Andy who also works for the same consulting firm. Andy’s first match was with Kelsey and he was being really mean and smashing the ball every chance he got. I’m glad I never had to play him. Our Project Director Kim was really good and she held her own against Sam. Sam played ping pong the best out of everyone.

Even though I’m not as good at playing ping pong as the others, I really enjoy it. It’s a shame that we already have some furniture in the basement. If it was still fairly empty, I would totally ask for a ping pong table for downstairs. LOL. I wonder if there are any restaurants in Wichita that have ping pong tables you can play on. I know that there’s a ping pong table at the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park because I’ve played there before but it has been too windy and cold to play, and I haven’t really been in town enough.

Do you guys have some suggestions as to where Brian and I can go and have some food and play some post-dinner ping pong? Please post them in the comments. Otherwise, I may just have to take him to the Burger Stand in Topeka one of these days.

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