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6th Annual Hull Invitational

Posted on April 6, 2011 by under Games, Things to Do.    

I think I’m going to learn how to play ping pong, in addition to learning how to play disc golf this year. I’m uber competitive and I felt left out on Saturday because I didn’t know how to play. So I promised myself that I’m going to learn how to play ping pong and get really good at it. I’m going to train so I can take down the tournament next year.

Here are some more photos as promised…

2011-04-02 18.35.17.jpg

Brian hadn’t played ping pong before, but he was a good sport and gave it a shot. This is a photo of Uncle Roy explaining the rules of the game.

2011-04-02 18.36.19.jpg

Brian vs. Vinton was the first match.

2011-04-02 18.38.44.jpg

Some photos of Barry’s matches…

2011-04-02 18.46.09.jpg

2011-04-02 18.58.27.jpg

2011-04-02 19.58.00.jpg

Uncle Roy demonstrating his mad ping pong skills…

2011-04-02 19.25.03.jpg

2011-04-02 20.05.26.jpg

2011-04-02 19.46.54.jpg

Brian and Jocelyn were completely enthralled by the People of Walmart app.

2011-04-02 19.48.19.jpg


2011-04-02 20.21.32.jpg

Steve and Val were there too.

2011-04-02 20.31.37.jpg

Since Val teaches group fitness classes at Andover YMCA, Brian said he is constantly running into Steve there. Steve promptly outed Brian by telling everyone that he usually sees Brian just sitting there, watching TV. LOL.

2011-04-02 20.33.20.jpg

I’m not sure who won the doubles tournament because we left to meet Jenni at LL right as they were getting started. As far the the individual tournament went, though, defending champion Uncle Roy and his ping pong prowess prevailed yet again.

2011-04-02 20.30.17.jpg

This will be his last year as champ, though, because I’m taking it down next year. 😉

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