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My New Favorite Lunch Spot

Posted on October 8, 2015 by under Things to Do.    

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Since it opened a couple of weeks ago, the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park has quickly become my favorite lunch spot. I ate there four times last week! On one occasion I even made a new friend (Jimmy Vo, Kan-Grow Hydro Farm, pictured right).


Naturally, I had to share the park with Brian (because I share everything with him). We grabbed Thai House food one night and decided to eat dinner there. It was too chilly, though. We caved and brought our takeout home instead.


Determined to share the magic of the Pop-Up Urban Park with Brian, I dragged him out there again before our Citizen Police Academy session at the Sedgwick County Detention Facility. This time the weather was better. We got to play some ping-pong.

I’ve been to busy this week to walk over there during lunch. I’m hoping that I’ll have some time next week. I’d really like to enjoy the park a bit more before the weather starts getting colder.

If you haven’t been to the park yet, I highly recommend it. If you go, holler at me so we can meet up (if I’m free). I may even play a game of ping pong with you.

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