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uBreakiFix Saved My Hiney

Posted on July 19, 2015 by under Toys.    


After I got home from the awesome wine pairing event, I took the dog for a walk and this happened. The phone got caught on the leash and it flung from my hand and landed on the sidewalk. I didn’t even think anything of it at first because I’d dropped my phone so many times before, inside and outside the house. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve dropped it getting in and out of the car. Anyway, when I finally got a good look at it and saw that it was completely smashed, I just wanted to cry. The screen was obliterated. There was no saving this thing.

I couldn’t really yell at Molly because it wasn’t her fault. I think I was a little tipsy from the wine tasting event and so my reaction time as slow. I probably had no business walking the dog but walking the dog is a chore that Brian doesn’t particularly enjoy doing and she wasn’t going to walk herself. I told Brian what happened and, thankfully, he didn’t yell at me. I hadn’t had my phone a year and I’d already broken it.

I knew I had to get the phone repaired. There was no way around that. I depend on my phone for everything because it’s like a mini computer on the go. I use it to take photos, play games, check emails (both work and personal), catch up with people on social media, check my 401k, watch TED Talks and other videos, play my Zumba music though the ZIN DJ app (it’s the main reason I finally switched from Android to iPhone — the app isn’t available on Android), communicate with people via text, and sometimes I even use it for phone calls. The challenge wasn’t getting the phone repaired, we knew exactly where to take it. The challenge was getting the phone repaired in less than 24 hours because I had a Zumba class to teach the very next night and I couldn’t find someone to sub the class because I was the designated sub. LOL.

I love having my playlist conveniently in my ZIN DJ app and cringed at the thought of actually having to burn a CD, which I hadn’t done in a while. We contacted our friends at UBreakIFix immediately. They were closed for the evening but they told Brian to take my phone in the next day and they would do their best to get it repaired by end of business day. Not quite good enough because their day ends at 7 PM and I had to teach the Zumba class at 6:30 PM but we had to take our chances because it was the only shot we had. To top it off Brian couldn’t leave the house first thing in the morning to take my phone to be repaired because he had to wait for the Lowe’s repair guy who was coming in that morning to fix our freezer. Of course, they didn’t show up until the end of appointment window. I couldn’t complain though because the freezer repair was covered by our warranty so we didn’t actually have to spend any money out of pocket for that one, unlike my phone repair which cost a lot of money.

As soon as the Lowe’s guy left, Brian skedaddled to the UBreakIFix store which is clear on the other side of town from our house. Here are some photos he took while they worked their magic. It was really like magic. By the time our friend David was done, my phone looked good as new. Like nothing tragic ever happened to it.

Perhaps the most amazing feat of all was that they fixed my phone in a matter of hours. Brian drove up to my office to bring me my phone and I remember it was hilarious because I called him to tell me when he was in the parking lot. He was like, “I’m literally walking into your office right now.” I was confused. I looked up and he was right there at the door of my office like he said. I guess my boss let him in.

I looked at my phone in amazement. Everything worked. Including my ZIN DJ app. I was so relieved. It cost a lot to repair my phone but it was worth every penny. It seemed like a lot to me because I’d never had to have a phone repaired before but I guess those screens really are expensive to fix. My coworker Josh and I priced the parts (for if you wanted to repair it yourself) and it as just as much as UBreakIFix charges and then you run the risk of messing it up completely if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s best to let the professionals handle it. And, they really are professionals. These guys are amazing. They have the tools and the expertise to get your broken phone back in working order. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to cost quite a bit to fix your phone depending on what’s broken, but if you consider what it’s going to cost you to fix it or what other places might charge, UBreakIFix rates are actually very reasonable.

If you ever need your phone fixed, I highly recommend UBreakIFix. They fixed my phone within a few hours and totally saved my hiney!

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  • Replies to "uBreakiFix Saved My Hiney"


    Jo Alonso  on July 29, 2015

    Impressive and I do believe -there is a price to pay for convenience, reliability and consistency.

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