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Yes, I Caved and Joined the Other Team

Posted on October 19, 2014 by under Toys.    

Up until a few weeks ago I was a loyal Samsung Galaxy user. I finally caved and switched when the iPhone 6 was released. The timing was just so perfect. They released the phones right before my birthday month. I couldn’t pass it up.

I opted for the smaller iPhone 6 rather than the iPhone 6 Plus but I saw this hilarious post from the Onion some time ago and I just have to share it. If you still cannot decide between the two phones, here’s all you need to know.

There are significant differences in the way the two phones work, but everything that I could do on my Samsung Galaxy I can do on my iPhone and then some. I had an older Galaxy phone so my the new phone actually has even more features. I’m still trying to get used to my new phone and learn everything that it can do, though.

I’ve had my phone about a month but I still find myself trying to hit a non-existent back button, trying to save screen captures by sliding the side of my hand across the screen, swiping down to turn my wi-fi and bluetooth on instead of swiping up, etc. Old habits are hard to break, I guess.

I do love my new phone, though. My favorite part is how Brian’s beautiful face fills the screen every time he calls me.


I love this man so much, with or without the awesome birthday presents. 😉

(Oh and, as you can tell, I figured out how make screen shots.)

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