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Taking Time Out for Zoobilee

Posted on September 16, 2012 by under Events.    

2012-09-08 17.57.05.jpg

If you think moving wasn’t hectic enough, we had to take time out that same day to attend Zoobilee. We would have skipped Zoobilee except we signed up to volunteer and we always keep our commitments. Even though we both had less than four hours of sleep that day, we pressed on.

I’m so glad we went because we had a lot of fun as always. And, Brian and Cory both got free growlers from Granite City (thanks to April and me).

2012-09-08 19.05.16.jpg

There were lots of great food. I was completely full less than an hour into the evening. I had to pass up so many food vendors to save room for the really good stuff.

2012-09-08 20.23.23.jpg

We took a break to get free chair massages from Sveta’s, a Zoobilee regular.

2012-09-08 20.24.09.jpg

It made me realize how badly I need another massage. Maybe someone will get me a Sveta’s gift certificate for my birthday (hint, hint).

2012-09-08 20.26.42.jpg

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