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Zoobilee 2009

Posted on September 13, 2009 by under Things to Do.    


April hooked us up with volunteer jobs at Zoobilee. Brian and I had never been to Zoobilee before because we’d never been able to afford tickets. We thought that volunteering would be a good opportunity to see what it’s like.

We found out at the volunteer orientation on Thursday that we actually get to attend Zoobilee and partake of the festivities for free. That was a welcome surprise. They told us that we could come any time before our shift (9p to 12a) and just change into our volunteer shirts and check back in about fifteen minutes before our shift begins. That worked out great.

I heard that there were several restaurant vendors who bowed out of the fundraiser this year namely Carrabba’s, P.F. Chang’s, Heroes and Abuelo’s but there were still plenty of samples to go around. I think one of the best things we sampled came from the On the Border booth. Brian and I used to go there a lot for empanadas and we just hadn’t been in a while. It was a good reminder. In fact, we had On the Border empanadas for dinner tonight. 🙂

I found this Zoobilee video by John on YouTube:

I think Brian’s favorite part of Zoobilee was the free cigars from ABC Liquor. My favorite was probably getting to see the tigers up close. The theme this year is “Tango with the Tigers” after all.

The last time we were at the zoo the tigers were just lounging in the distance and didn’t come close to the glass. Last night one of the tigers actually paced in front of the glass by the observation room. It was an amazing sight.

By 8:30 pm my feet were tired and I was actually looking forward to manning our post as door guards to the P&E/PI hospitality tent. We arrived at our post to relieve the first shift volunteers about ten till. It’s funny because everyone was picking on Brian and I for not leaving our post at all (except for the one time I went a few paces to get a glass of Pepsi for us) during our three-hour shift. It may be a volunteer job, but I’m taking it seriously darn it! I think it would be absolutely awful to get fired from a volunteer job so I’m going to be the best door guard I can possibly be. LOL.

Hopefully we did a good enough job that they will invite us again next year. =P

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