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We are Officially Moved In

Posted on September 16, 2012 by under Home Ownership, Life.    

We are officially moved in and mostly unpacked. Normal people would have moved in the day after they closed on their house. Not us. We dragged out the moving process for a month. LOL. Didn’t have a choice in the matter, though. I was out of town a lot over the last month for work and Brian spent almost a week in Chicago. It was only four days but it felt like a really long time. Anyway, it was hard to find time to really focus on packing and getting organized. However, we did have some time to move a few things to the new place. Little things that are lightweight like our patio set and the barstools and clothes, we moved ourselves. We had so much time between our closing date and when we had to vacate the townhouse that we moved quite a bit of stuff ourselves. I was starting to get worried that movers wouldn’t have enough to do and we have to pay for a two-hour minimum regardless. This thought was quickly erased on Friday night when we were scrambling to finish packing.

We had a little bit of miscommunication while I was out of town. I told Brian to quit moving stuff to the new house because then there would be nothing left for the movers to move on Saturday morning. He thought I meant quit packing and so he spent time playing video games instead. I wanted him to continue packing but leave the boxes stacked (in the garage or somewhere) for the movers to move.

When I arrived home from Kansas City on Friday night, we still had the kitchen, bathrooms, and most of our closets to pack. Yes, we were moving clothes in the weeks prior but you have no idea how much clothes we had. Heck, I had no idea how much clothes we had until we moved.

Though we weren’t quite finished packing, we finally went to bed around 2:30 AM on Saturday morning. We didn’t get a chance to disassemble the bed because at that point there were several heavy boxes stacked in the room and we didn’t have enough space to do it. Actually, we could have moved some of the boxes downstairs and disassembled the bed but that would have meant not getting any sleep at all. I still wanted to be able to get some sleep and get one last shower in before the movers showed up at 8:30 AM.

We got up at around 6:00 AM the next day and finished (or so we thought — some drawers were missed and didn’t get emptied but somehow survived the move anyway) just in time for the movers to show up. They arrived about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Worked out fine, though. We were both up, dressed, and ready to roll.

2012-09-08 08.17.02.jpg

We hired Mighty Movers and got two guys and a truck. These guys are awesome. They emptied our entire townhouse in about an hour. As they moved the boxes in the bedroom, Brian and I got to work on disassembling the bed. I think they probably could have loaded the truck faster if Brian and I were more organized, but I was satisfied with how smoothly the loading process went overall.

They also had lots of rope and padded blankets to protect your furniture. Brian and I were really worried about our tables and chairs getting nicked and dinged during the moving process. In every move I’ve ever been involved in, there’s always something that breaks. But these guys are pros. It was amazing to watch them stack everything tightly in the truck. Things that needed to be protected were covered with the padded blankets and everything was roped to prevent shifting during the trip.

2012-09-08 10.12.14.jpg

Brian and I arrived at the new place several minutes before they did. At first I thought they’d gotten lost but I think they were just driving really slow, which I appreciated. Everything made it in one piece. Even things that were broken in our previous move arrived in the same condition instead of the damage getting worse (which is what usually happens).

Brian gave them specific instructions not to ding up the walls, which we recently had painted by Balderas Quality Painting (a great company that I highly recommend — when we repaint the interior in a few years, I’m calling Tony again because his crew did a fabulous job). The movers did a great job. They got the truck unloaded in about an hour without nicking our walls or breaking anything. The move took two and half hours from start to finish, which I was really impressed with. I told Brian that it would have taken us and our friends four to five hours to do the same thing. He was like, “Try all day!” I’m not sure if it’s normal to tip movers but these guys earned it so we gave it to them.

I highly recommend Mighty Movers. My entire family has used them several times on their moves. My friend Darcy used them when she moved to her house a couple of years ago. Now we’ve experienced their professionalism and expertise first hand. They are fast and really good at what they do. I will use them again next time we move.

The only downside about Mighty Movers (which I hope they fix in the future) is that they don’t take credit cards. They could only accept cash or check, which was really shocking considering this is 2012. Who doesn’t take credit cards? Apparently they don’t, as I found out. Brian and I never carry any cash around. I don’t carry around my checkbook because I probably write five checks a year. I couldn’t remember for the life of me where I had stacked the checkbooks. Good thing we asked before they got started so Brian could run to the ATM and get cash.

Speaking of checkbooks, it took us a few days to find them but we did find them eventually. I didn’t start worrying until after we emptied out all of the boxes and still hadn’t come across them. I had forgotten that I put them in a shoebox with some other stuff from one of the drawers and put the box in my closet. Glad we found them when we did because I was about ready to panic.

Here are a couple of before and after photos of our hearth room, the first room to get set up because there was nothing to unpack. The movers put our furniture in there. All we had to do was put the floor lamp where we wanted it, rearrange some things (e.g. center the table), and hang the picture on the wall. LOL.

Hearth Room Side-by1.jpg

The left side is how the previous owner used the hearth room. The right side is how we have it now. We put our dining table from the townhouse in there because we didn’t think it would look right in our formal dining. The counter height makes it feel too casual so we’re using it as our breakfast table. We don’t have an official breakfast nook, like most people do, but there’s enough space in the hearth room for the table and an easy chair.

Fwd: Updated Photo

I’ve actually used the chair several times already. I usually sit in it and check Facebook while Brian is making dinner. He has already claimed the kitchen as his domain. I have no idea where anything is in there. I usually have to ask him. LOL.

When we first looked at the house, it was difficult to visualize how we could use the hearth room because the previous owner used it quite differently. I had a vision though, I just wasn’t sure if there would be enough space to do it. The room is pretty much done, though I am eventually getting an area rug to put under the chair and ottoman (hopefully soon). I think it will better define the seating area in front of the fireplace and make it feel more cozy. I’m not placing a rug under the table because it will be easier to mop spills on the wood floor. I could change my mind later but we are messy eaters, and a rug under there would be more work for me that it’s worth.

Also, I don’t think I’m putting curtains up. I personally despise curtains because they collect dust over time. While Brian and I aren’t slobs, we’re not the greatest when it comes to cleaning the house either. The less we have to keep up, the better. So for now, we’ll just have the blinds that came with the house. I would like to replace them with better ones in the future, but that will be at least a couple of years from now because we have to save for it.

Actually, we had curtains at the old place. You can see a small hint of it in the photo below (which happens to be one of my favorites from the old place). It’s kind of orange, but it looked great with our furniture. We might use those curtains in our dining room. I don’t know yet. For now, I’m glad I don’t have to dust any.


P.S. You can see the curtains we have a little better in the next photo. I totally forgot that I blogged about them when we first got them. It was just a matter of doing a search on the blog. LOL.

My new curtains!

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