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Some Photos from Zoobilee

Posted on September 11, 2011 by under Events.    






Brian and I had a blast with the Phelpi at Zoobilee last night.


Chef Jason, also known as “the good looking chef” (I heard other people at the event refer to him as that, among them this one girl in a really short dress, LOL), was there representing Taste & See.


There were thousands of people there.


I ran into Marty from Zumba. Also ran into Pam from Skin Essentials.


Brian and Cory got flowers painted on their thumbnails at the Sveta’s station.


Cory and Brian’s fingernails.


Brian, Cory and I also got free chair massages. They only had two chairs though, so we did quite a lot of waiting around. They were giving away $10 coupons to Sveta’s though, and I’m ready to schedule another appointment. That, coupled with the free chair massage was worth the wait for me.


Brian’s favorite part of the evening is the free cigars.


Me and Brian.


Brian, April and me with Chef Jason at the end of the evening.


This is right before Brian spilled water all over my shorts.


Brian is so clumsy when he is drunk. Anyway, he spilled my water on the seat next to me and soaked my shorts. It looked like I had peed my pants! So what do I do? I stomped to the bathroom, took off my shorts and dried them under the Excelsior hand dryer.

Immediately, I regretted my choice of underwear for the evening. April came in a few minutes later, found me pant-less in the restroom, drying my shorts next to the hand dryer. She said I was getting strange looks from people. I’m sure it looked like I wasn’t wearing any underwear from the backside. There must have been over a dozen people in and out of the restroom while I waited for my shorts to dry. All I could think of was, I really hope I don’t run into someone I know.

I was really mad at Brian at first but, by the time my shorts were somewhat dry (I couldn’t stand there half-naked any longer) and back on, I was over it. It could have been worse, I told myself. He could have spilled red wine all over my white shorts.

P.S. Here are pictures from Zoobilee 2009 and Zoobilee 2010. Enjoy!

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