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Tallgrass Film Festival 2018

Posted on November 4, 2018 by under Events, Movies.    


Speaking of friends we don’t get to see very much, we had the opportunity to catch up with April a couple of weeks ago. Cory and Gavin were at scout camp and so she had a weekend to herself. We had some extra tickets to Tallgrass Film Festival and she was able to join us.

I originally only had a couple of tickets for a movie screening but some folks at work who got better tickets ended up not being able to use theirs so I got upgraded. First of all, it’s a well known fact that I rarely (if ever) turn down free event tickets. It doesn’t matter how busy or packed my weekend already is, I will make it work. And, if I can’t use them, I make sure the tickets go to someone I know who will appreciate and enjoy them. LOL.

Instead of the two movie screening tickets, I ended up with four movie screening tickets and four gala tickets. It was a tall (pun intended) order for an already busy weekend but, after careful examination of our calendar, Brian and I figured out that we could use all four tickets by giving up pickle ball on Sunday. We could watch Eleven Hundred to Lubbock and attend then gala party on Saturday and then use the remaining tickets to watch the screening of White Tide: The Legend of Culebra and attend the gala party on Sunday.

The tickets weren’t marked for specific movies or parties so I figured that we could use them for any movie or any of the four gala parties throughout the film fest.

Anyway, we had to adjust our plans when Jenni asked if she could have a set of movie/gala passes for Adam. She got a Tallpass from all of the volunteer work that she’s done for Tallgrass Film Festival so she had access to everything but she wanted to share the experience with him and he didn’t have any passes. It’s always more fun to go with people so I committed the tickets to her. That meant we had an extra set left which ended up going to April.

This actually worked out better because we got to attend the movie screening and the party on Saturday with a group of people and we didn’t have to give up Sunday night pickle ball, which I didn’t really want to miss. LOL.

Here are a few pictures from our outing:


Photo of the Eleven Hundred to Lubbock cast/crew receiving their Stubbornly Independent award.


Not the best group pic because it was dark at the party (intentionally because they had lots of glow in the dark decorations that look best in blacklight); however, Brian managed to get everyone in the photo. Clockwise around Brian’s head starting with me: Michael, Michelle, Jenni, Adam, and April.


April and I took advantage of the Glam Station, which reminded me of the free makeup stations they always have that #ZINCON during the theme parties.


Here’s a picture of me with makeup artist, Tedi Stephens, of TediFX.


April got a couple of glow in the dark flowers.


Pic of me with local producer and director, Rod Pocowatchit.


Pic of me and April as we were leaving the event.

Brian and I had participated in other TFF fundraising events (Dudegrass is super fun!) in the past but this was our first time attending the film fest itself. It’s actually a ton of fun and you get exposed to films you wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to see. This will definitely be on our list of things to do for years to come.

ELEVEN HUNDRED TO LUBBOCK – Trailer from Good Kitty Studios on Vimeo.

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