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The Best of 2018

Posted on January 24, 2019 by under Life.    

For the past ten years, I’ve been doing a “Best of” blog post highlighting the most memorable parts of the year. Here’s the post from last year.

I usually try to post this either toward the end of the year or around the beginning of the year. It’s a bit late this year but at least I’m beating last year’s post which wasn’t published until the 30th.

So, what happened last year? We attended a ton of parties for one.

This isn’t even counting all the Zumba parties that happened. LOL. My philosophy is — never miss a party if you can help it. I never turn down an invite as long as I’m available to attend. That said, I’m not the kind of person that you extend courtesy invites to. If you don’t want me to come, don’t invite me — because I will show up.

Speaking of Zumba parties, these are just a few of the events that I can think of off the top of my head…

I also got a new Zumba job teaching for VASA Fitness. I started at the end of July. I actually taught a class the same day that we arrived from ZINCON.

Speaking of ZINCON, here are some highlights from that trip…

We also got to go on the Zumba Cruise!

Another somewhat significant part of 2018 is, after being a ZIN member for over six years, I finally attended my first ZIN Jam. I know, isn’t that crazy?

I just love hanging out with my Zumba family. We even went to several group movies together.

Other fun things that happened last year include…

  • Kansas City Restaurant Week – It’s like the most wonderful time of the year! You get to have $100 dinners for $33. Most of the restaurants have lunch promotions too. And, almost every restaurant in the city participates. It’s pretty amazing.
  • Boulevard – If I remember correctly, I think we got to do it twice last year.
  • Salsa Lessons – I also got to participate in some salsa lessons at Viva Social dance studio in Shawnee Mission.
  • Coffee Chat – Brian and I started our live video series on FLIP + CHING and actually kept it up the whole year!
  • Stitch Fix – While I technically discovered Stitch Fix in 2017, last year was the year that Brian and I were both on it and getting boxes on the regular.
  • Logan, Madison Graduation – We attended a couple of memorable graduations to make us both feel old.
  • Water Bottle Project – Brian made us some awesome custom insulated water bottles.
  • Ginger’s Retirement – We attended the retirement party of my boss of over thirteen years.
  • Master Certificate in Project Management – I completed my Master Certificate in Project Management from Wichita State University’s Center for Management Development. My plan is to eventually take the PMP exam but just not at the moment.
  • Grace Hill Winery – Brian, Jay, Becca, and I got to tour Grace Hill Winery with the Young Professionals of Wichita group.
  • Corporate Challenge – I participated in the Wichita Corporate Challenge and actually got a bronze medal in one of my events (corn hole).
  • The Dead South – Brian and I watched the Dead South perform at Nortons.
  • Kansas State Capitol – I got to tour the Kansas State Capitol with my project teammates.
  • Open Streets ICT – Brian and I finally got a chance to participate in Open Streets ICT. We rented a couple of Zagster bikes and cruised up and down Douglas. It was a ton of fun!
  • Mural Scavenger Hunt – Brian and I did a mural scavenger hunt. We went on a mission to find all of the murals painted for Avenue Art Days.

Finally, I picked up a new hobby. Brian and I decided to take a break from bowling over the summer. We normally resume our bowling league for the fall but we decided to skip it this year because we started playing pickleball on Sunday nights. It’s around the same time as our Sunday night bowling league. Brian’s not really that into it but I’m completely addicted. I event bought myself a real paddle, which is an upgrade from the pickleball paddle set that Brian and I had been using.

Anyway, that’s pretty much 2018 in a nutshell. Now to see what fun things we will discover and experience in 2019!

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