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Bowling and Escapology at the Alley

Posted on June 28, 2017 by under Things to Do.    

Have you checked out the newest attraction at the Alley yet? It’s pretty amazing.


Brian and I decided to check it out after bowling one night.


The cool thing is that you can enter from the arcade or through the private entrance outside the bowling alley.


Either way, you can’t miss the massive lounge which is the perfect waiting area for large groups. They had nice, dark furnishings, consistent with the escape room theme. Brian and I thought the only thing missing was a server to serve drinks while you waited for your room escape adventure to begin.


You can’t start until you sign an electronic waiver on one of these tablets. I liked that they had three stations which speeds things up a bit specially if you have a large group with you.


At the time we went, they had six escape rooms — four unique ones and they had two of their most popular escape room. I thought this was a great idea should you want to have a little friendly competition going.


Our options were Antidote (the most popular room, which they have two of), Cuban Crisis, the Code, Budapest Express, and Under Pressure.


Brian and I chose Antidote because, besides being the most popular, it was also the least challenging. I really didn’t want to go full-out on Brian’s first escape room experience. I mean, what if we don’t get out? Brian would hate it and he’d never want to do it again.

As it turns out, even though we make great partners in life, we suck at solving puzzles as a team. The good news is we both still had a great time and Brian didn’t hate it. He’s actually open to doing it again.

Most people would consider not getting out of the room a failure but I consider our experience a success. Yes, we sucked, but at least we didn’t fight or, worse yet, end up killing each other. I was really worried that not getting out meant arguing and fighting and getting divorced. LOL.

So if you’re a couple with marital issues but aren’t quite ready for counseling yet, maybe locking yourself in a room with your partner is the answer. I’m joking!

It was really fun, though. I highly recommend it for couples and small groups. They max out at 6 players per room. Although, I have to say, it was very challenging to complete all those puzzles with only two people.

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