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Fun Times at the Alley

Posted on October 5, 2015 by under Free Stuff, Things to Do.    

Brian and I had a crazy idea to complete September reward cards in one visit to the Alley. We had to complete two hours of bowling, two hours of billiards, and eight go kart rides. Though the task seemed daunting, given that we only had a couple of hours to spare, we were up for the challenge. It didn’t cost us a dime and we got free soda to boot!


First up was bowling. So, we kind of cheated a little bit. Rather than spend two hours bowling, we decided to take one lane each for an hour. We asked for adjacent lanes so that we could cross-bowl (league style) which is what we prefer anyway. We completed four games and still had plenty of time to complete all of the other items on the list before closing time. It was brilliant.

For our go kart rides, the attendant allowed us to take the remaining rides in the form of coupons so we didn’t have to actually complete all eight rides. Brian and I raced one time. Since it was a slow night and, it was just the two of us, the attendant cranked the go karts up to the top speed. Not being much of a daredevil, one race was enough for me. Each race lasts four minutes so it would have taken a bit longer to complete four races, and we still had to play some billiards. Neither of us really wanted to be there all night so we cheated at the go karts part as well.


We didn’t even last an hour when we played billiards. We played a couple of games and we were done. Brian lost both games but he didn’t care because he bowled a 252 that night and he was still euphoric from that. Anyway, they signed our cards anyway so we could turn it in at the front desk for the raffle. We didn’t quite finish the task but at least we gave it our best effort. And, we had a blast!


As for the remaining go kart tickets, we ended up using them with my little sister Nickira on Thursday night. Nickira said she wanted to eat somewhere she’d never been before so we took her to Cheddar’s right by the Alley.


After dinner we raced go karts a couple of times. It was perfect because we had exactly six rides left so the three of us got to race twice. The best part was that we were the only three people there so we had run of the track.


Brian and I had to take turns taking pictures. The first time we went in the following order: Nickira, me, then Brian. Brian was able to pass me but he couldn’t pass Nickira.


The second time it was Nickira, then Brian, then me. I was able to pass Brian but, again, I couldn’t pass Nickira. Who knew that my little sister was such an expert go kart driver? She knew exactly what to do to keep us from passing her.

Anyway, I can’t believe that school is several weeks in and Nickira still doesn’t have any homework. I’m beginning to wonder about her teacher. LOL. Kidding aside, I’m glad we got to do something fun last week because I have a YMCA dinner this week and won’t be able to get Kira this Thursday. We’ll just have to make up for it next week. I’m hoping that we will have some homework to do by then!

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